Friday, February 6, 2009

Family Favorite Foto Friday!

FronteraFest is Back!
Yes, the FronteraFest theatre event is in full swing in Austin, Texas. While I am playing nurse maid to my husband, Lurch, acting partner, Rhonda, is performing solo this season. Our pre-performance routine of magic words and comfortable rituals were completed via AT&T tonight! In honor of her solo performance tonight, I present:
Family FronteraFest
Foto Friday!
Some of my favorite memories of this event were
captured in pictures four years ago...
My acting partner, Rhonda, is very shy! She is posing outside of
the Texas Chili Parlor after our first night performance.
My group of best friends travelled to Austin to cheer us on. What was I doing with my hands? Making a W! We called ourselves WUSS...Wild United Southern Sistas!
Madisyn was still a baby!
Here she is on the plane flying to Austin.

Madisyn and Grande playing around
while Grammy was rehearsing.

Lurch with Madi and his oldest brother waiting for the performance to begin. My last words to Lurch contained the COMMAND...DO NOT BRING MADISYN TO THE PERFORMANCE! Since Madisyn was not even two years old, I knew that she would not understand what was going on. I knew she would be bored. She wouldn't know who I was because of my gawdy costume and outlandish make-up. Most of all, I knew she would talk during the performance and totally distract me! I was nervous enough without hearing a child babbling during the performance!
As I was standing the total dark...right as my entrance onstage was coming up...I heard Madisyn in the audience! I froze. I was furious! How dare Lurch bring her against my request...but the show must go on! I made my entrance and there was Madisyn...on the front row! I could literally reach out and touch her! I had to restrain myself from reaching out and touching Lurch...real hard!
But the girl was a trooper...never said a word...not one sound! Madisyn sat there in Grande's lap...with big blue eyes following my every move. She laughed when others laughed. She clapped when others clapped. She was the perfect audience member! And then the most special thing happened...the end of Act I...the lights fade on the stage...blackout. As I exit the stage, this sweet little,inquisitive voice boomed out in the silence..."Where's Grammy going?"
It was the most special moment of my life!
I was backstage washed in emotion. I suddenly realized that this was probably, in fact, the most special moment in my life. I thanked the Good Lord for allowing my granddaughter and I to share this magical experience onstage. I cannot even describe the happiness I felt in my heart. When the lights came up and it was time for me to enter the stage once again, I took joy in the realization that Madisyn would always be an integral part of my creative process...always on the front row...always my #1 fan! By the way...thank you, Lurch.
Break a leg, Rhonda!
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April said...

Good morning!
I'm popping over from Deborah's to take a look at your pictures. They're great ones, too!'re involved in theater! My secret desire is to appear on Broadway one that's ever gonna happen! What a sweet story you told about your grandbaby...she's a "keeper"! Have a good one!

Joy said...

What a sweetie Madisyn is!

trash talk said...

So for all your big talk, you are nothing but a big ol' WUSS at heart. I knew it!!! Loved the post and love your Madisyn. I hope y'all are coming to Zapp Hall in the spring. I so want to meet you. Debbie

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time! Hope you have a great weekend, T

Cher said...

Awww, and here I am trying to regift my grandchild. I'm bad. But then again, your grandchild isn't 16 yet! Call me when she is!

The Texas Woman

Teresa Porter said...

Wuss ?!! That's awesome! Can I joint the Wuss Possy?

What a fun post. And I even got a little teary-eyed reading about your sweet moment with Madisyn... Go Lurch! I love it.


splummer said...

Your grandbaby is adorable! You can't hide from them even in full dress and make-up! Have a great day!!


ann said...

What wonderful memories.And to act,wow.I'm too shy.Alot of actors say they're shy.Like liz Taylor says she is.How-----------------do they do it?
And what a sweet story about you gbaby.Lovely post...Ann

Claudie said...

And an actress? WOW Good for you. I tried it once in Wyoming. Couldn't remember my lines for the life of my...that was the first and the time, but at least I tried.
Great Post have fun.
Love Claudie

Linda said...

What a great story. I loved it. See...sometimes we don't know it all. That hardly ever happens...but sometimes.

Deborah said...

How sweet! I would say that you underestimated Lurch and Madisyn. What a time to remember - I hope you journal that time for Madisyn to read later in life.

You 'sistas' are so cute!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Great story and memory! I hope Lurch heals up. ~Mindy

Dawn said...

What a great story! I have a young granddaughter myself and hope over the years to develop a special relationship with her. We have one now, but she's three and there is so much more to look forward too.

I think my heart would have been overflowing with love seeing my granddaughter like you described.

take care,

Woman in a Window said...

I think you might just have successfully described how special that moment was. There must be some reason why I'm balling like a baby right now.

I can only hope for such a sweet payoff in life.

Best luck to your very introverted friend, Rhonda!