Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We Call Her Sweetie!

Isn't it interesting what people name their dogs? The only dog I had as a child was named Jet. My mother and I still disagree on how Jet got his name. One of us claims there was a jet flying overhead and the other one claims it was because he was jet black. I don't remember Jet very much. His picture is captured in snapshots and there are vague recollections of him in my memories. Jet was replaced by a cat, Mr. Lucky. I remained a staunch cat lover with no appreciation of dogs.
However, as a mother of boys, dogs are a daily part of life. Buffy, a blonde cocker spaniel was the boys' first dog. We could never break Buffy of the habit of jumping out of the Jeep as we were going down the road. Blondes! Then there were the dalmation puppies, Flame and Blaze. They were so expensive and so cute! They were stolen from our fenced back yard. Our chocolate lab, Hershey, chased one too many mountain lions. The cats just watched the drama with disinterest. They were safe. I was a cat lover. Lurch, a dog lover, accepted my quirks and resigned to a life without dogs.
Then the unimaginable happened. Sweetie came into my life. Beautiful, sweet, calm, contented Sweetie taught this old dog (me) a new trick...she changed me into a dog lover! Wonder why we call her Sweetie? Check out these pictures and you will understand.
When Madisyn is sick, Sweetie is on guard!
Sweetie protecting Madisyn and her baby doll!

Madisyn and Sweetie are always back seat
buddies on long trips to Grammy and Grande's house.
Sweetie loves the suckers, because when Madi falls
asleep, as she is doing here, the sucker
ends up in Sweetie's mouth!

When Madisyn feels like wrestling, Sweetie is the docile partner!

Do you see why we named her Sweetie?

So, how about you?

What is your dog's name?
Leave me a comment with your dog's name and I will link your
blog in my upcoming post about Dog Names, Part II.


trash talk said...

My baby is Jake and he is my junkyard dog. He's a silver mini-schnauzer that Cat Daddy bought for me on my birthday 11 years ago. We got him at Dog Alley in Canton and C.D. talked 'em down on the price since one ear is shorter that the other. He is my little man in a fur coat and I love him dearly. He's extremely social(I wonder where he got that trait) and has us trained well. BTW, I love gentle giants like your Sweetie. Debbie

Breathing Beside Us said...

I'm in love with this Post!
I can't stand it!!!!
XOXO deb

Woman in a Window said...

I was ready to shout, Sweetie is trying to kill the dog (in the second shot) but then by the last it looks like Madison is trying to kill Sweetie.

That is one lovely dog. Trade ye?

Woman in a Window said...

Our dog's name is Bones, Woof woof, Pony, Senungully Woof Woof, Vicious Killar, OH NO!, and whatever else sticks in our jaw at the time. And yes, we only have one dog (who is in desperate need of therapy!)

Deborah said...

We have two lazy cats - Miss Callie and Olivia..we love them!

Sweetie is lovely and little Madisyn is adorable!

Sue Jackson said...

You "know" I love any post with pictures of Madisyn, she is too cute! My dog's name is "Sally the Cabana Dog", although now she is just "Sally" or "Piece of Shit Dog" which I know longer use since Riley repeated that phrase perfectly!! She's a pound dog and I wanted to train her to go fetch a cold Corona out of the refrig. That's never going to happen, she's not the brightest dog. My kids always give me a hard time in, "I can't believe you actually "chose" that dog"! Oh well, I love her just the same even if she looks like a super sized wiener dog that is mentally challenged!

Claudie said...

Well I'm here for Foto Friday but will have to come back in the morning.
Really? you want to know my dog's names?? I have 3 right now.
Bella, Bonnie and Toby and on Dog's on Thursday I have been showing Bella & Toby's 5 babies from 2004. P.J. is another and on and on and on.
Madisyn & Sweetie are a beautiful couple.
Love Claudie

Short and Sweet said...

Sweetie is absolutely adorable. You can tell that she is gentle and loving...your pictures melt my heart.
I have three dogs: Lucy--a yellow lab who has latched on to me. She was supposed to be "therapy" for us when our daughter left for college. Our daughter called it "Puppies for Parents".
Bishop--an old black female lab that is demanding and relentless when she wants something. We tend to baby her because she is so old and frail.
Bear--an enormous male black lab that my husband couldn't pass up when he went with a friend to visit the Humane Society. Bear's real name is Baron Bearington Bradley Jack or "Bear" for short. He is a gentle giant.