Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Hero is an Aggie!

Dr. Mark Mettauer
---photo courtesy of Cardiothoracic Surgery Network---

Texas Tech Red Raiders and Texas A&M Aggies get along like oil and water. Alumni of both universities bleed school colors and are famous for being intolerant of each other.

I plead guilty. My Tech family bleeds red and black.

Last week, our world was shattered as our beloved Lurch faced a life or death situation. As fear and doubt engulfed us, this tall, lanky, young surgeon sauntered into our lives.

I asked where he went to school...he said A&M...I said a four letter expletive. He said "I know. Don't think I haven't noticed your school ring."

We knew we had the right person.

The day of surgery, he showed up with his scrubs tucked in his steel toe work boots. He joined hands with my family and led us in prayer. Then he saved Lurch's life!

So I am proud to say that my hero is an Aggie...

Dr. Mark Mettauer


trash talk said...

Dear Dr. Mettauer, Thank you so much. I could just kiss you...if you didn't look young enough to be burped!
Mailisa, I am so, so, SO happy for y'all!

Sue Jackson said...

Is he old enough to be a doctor? Just kidding and I have to tell you, your post just gave me chills, and actually I still have them! I don't know, I think this year we are all going to find just a few more of those small little miracles in our lives. You just gotta have "hope" and believe! I'm extremely happy for you and your family. Again, great post!!
Take care, Sue

Linda said...


Unique Unique Design said...

What a wonderful memory of a difficult circumstance. Yea to this young (and I do mean young) man. Am so thankful Larry is doing well.

Deborah said...

My thanks to the doc also for saving Lurch and for the others he undoubtedly has saved. He must have been a Godsend.


Teresa Porter said...

I'm so glad that your Larry is ok. And I hope he continues to feel better. Best wishes from Georgia,


April said...

So sorry to hear about your husband's heart condition, but happy to hear that he was in very good hands and is on the road to recovery!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

Wishing him a quick recovery! Cheers to a fellow Aggie!

claudie said...

Oh Malisa Dr. Mark did come into your life for good reason.
I'm so happy that our prayers came through.
Now scoot on over to that hospital and give Lurch a great big kiss. (and that cute Dr. Mark) lol
Love Claudie

Jeanne said...

He would be my hero too. I am so glad Lurch is doing well. Having a good Doctor is so important. I was impressed that he led you in a prayer before surgery. Prayers and blessings to Lurch and your family.


Woman in a Window said...

How wonderful is that! Hands of steal, boots to match and a smart ass! Perfect fit.

Glad yours is doing well.