Saturday, February 21, 2009

We Are Jumping For Joy!

Photo by Amitava Sarkar

Yes, we are jumping for joy!

We have several reasons to jump for joy:

1. We are jumping for joy because Lurch is out of the hospital! We are so happy that he is home with us! He is doing very well. Currently, we are staying with our son and daughter-in-law who live fifteen minutes from the Texas coast. Our daughter-in-law is a physician and that makes us feel safer right now. It is also very helpful that my son loves to cook and is serving Lurch as his "personal chef"!

2. We are jumping for joy because we had such wonderful medical professionals who provided exceptional care for Lurch! I have never been in a hospital environment where the staff is so caring and loving. If you are ever facing a major surgery, please consider St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in The Woodlands, Texas. They are the BEST!

3. We are jumping for joy because of the "strange" series of events which led to the saving of Lurch's life! Lurch has lived with bad knees since his football playing days. One knee finally got the best of him and he had agreed to knee replacement surgery on Monday, February 16th. On Wednesday, February 11th, Lurch went in for his knee replacement pre-op. His pre-op exam discovered the unknown heart condition! We were immediately sent to the hospital where a cardiologist and his team were waiting on Lurch so they could perform an angiogram. Two days later, Lurch was undergoing his heart bypass surgery! His heart surgeon, Dr. Mettauer, told me that if Lurch had undergone the knee replacement, the outcome would have been tragic! I am absolutely convinced that God had us in his loving arms!

4. We are jumping for joy because our two sons and their wives have been so supportive and gracious to Lurch and me. They took off work and were by our sides for the days before and after the surgery. Our oldest son drove ten hours to get here! Lurch and I are so proud of our children and their children. We are blessed to have a wonderful family!

5. We are jumping for joy because our grandson, Tango, is feeling better after having tubes implanted in his eardrums. He has been constantly plagued with illness due to ear infections and we are excited that he is on the road to recovery!

6. And last...but not least...we are jumping for joy because of the amazing support of my blogging family! You guys will never know how much your kind words and beautiful prayers meant to us!


Montee said...

I am so happy to hear that the surgery went well! That Aggie Dr. looks like a baby, but a very intelligent baby to be sure.

Cher said...

Gosh, golly, shucks, we love youse two too! Glad everything's goin' swimmingly!

The Texas Woman

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Serendipity, huh? I'm jumping for joy with you. So glad to hear that Lurch is home and recovering beautifully. ~Mindy

Woman in a Window said...

Oh, jump! And enjoy the rush of the fall as you are caught over and over again. So grateful for the catch!

(And why is Kevin Spacey not for me? Is he gay? I mean, 'cause if he's gay that would be just perfect. Explain later, but do tell.)


trash talk said...

XXXXXXX!!!!! I am blowing you many, many kisses! You have been so-o-o missed and we are so glad that Lurch is doing so well that you are comfortable getting in a little laptop time with us.
I don't believe in coincidences. I believe God is the director and producer of miracles with all my heart. Y'all were blessed with all caring love from above. Praise to Him for sending y'all to such capable and caring physicians.
Your children sound wonderful....just like you. I wonder why? Hmm? Maybe some loving raising they got at home.
I just can't find the words to express the joy I am feeling at him being home with you! You kinda like the old boy, right?
Hope you get to come out and play with us again real soon! Welcome back!

Sue Jackson said...

Hi Malisa, Thanks for the e-mail and comment on my blog. You know, after reading your post it reminds me how I feel about things sometimes. All of a sudden, out of know where, after all the shit has been smacking into the fan, suddenly everything turns out "okay". I think it happens because you are a good person with a heart full love. Please know how happy I am that everything turned out okay, how good it not, you have an awesome family! Looking forward to you "being back"! Take care, Sue

Whispering Pine Cottage said...

Malisa, Thanks for the comment and the email, I have not received any comments in a while, think there is something wrong here in blogland. Also when I click on your head ( no picture there! ) it says you are not available, or something like that! Anyway, I am so happy to hear Lurch is on the mend! It sounds like you have great kids too, and you sound so happy today which is wonderful! Take care and we will talk soon! Missing you! Angie

Unique Unique Design said...

Wow, sometimes it is good to see the blessings laid out 1.2.3. Thank the Lord for these things. Sounds like you have a wonderful family! I am jumping with you, tho, not as high as in the photo...that would put me on everyone's prayer list!!

Linda said...

How blessed you both are! I am so thankful everything went so well. And Aggie doctors are the BEST! Whoop!