Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Check Out These Gorgeous Bluebonnets!

My very favorite
Texas bluebonnets!

I am so very lucky
to have such a
beautiful granddaughter,
and to have a great
daughter-in-law, Elena,
who always has the
camera ready!
Thanks, beautiful girls!
Oh, are there bluebonnets
in these pictures too?


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

gorgeous photos - gorgeous flowers - gorgeous girls - I see you're having a gorgeous morning!

(looooove that pouty shot!)

Sue Jackson said...

Wow Malisa. . .do you like have those pictures framed ALL over your house? They are SO beautiful, and Madisyn, in those pictures, is just toooo precious for words. I wish you lived closer to her, I know how much you miss her! Such a sweet baby!

Take care, Sue

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Beautiful pictures, Maylisa! I, like you, found myself looking at the peeps instead of the blooms. Happy day, lady! ~Mindy

Darla said...

Very nice photos.

Cher said...

She's a cutie! She sure looks like you in that pouty shot!

The Texas Woman

trash talk said...

What flowers? Oh, THOSE flowers! Honestly, she is just too beautiful for words. As my daddy used to say-"You could lose a crop just staring at her all day"! Debbie

peggy gatto said...

I wish I had these blue bonnets. And I wish I had a pretty grand daughter as well! Charming pictures!

Whispering Pine Cottage said...

Great pictures! Madisyn is just beautiful! It was great to me you, your husband and your wonderful dog! Hope to see you again, soon. Angie

Trailer Trash said...

I Just Love bluebonnets in the spring time! Your pictures are just BEAUTIFUL!
xoxo trailer trash

Woman in a Window said...

Beautiful! And that full bottom lip, hope she doesn't trip on that pretty thing.

Teresa said...

Those are some beautiful girls. What flowers? I didn't see any flowers.