Sunday, April 19, 2009

Righteous Purse!

I was leaving Warrenton...
loading stuff into my SUV...
carrying this super cool,
peace sign, pink purse...
when someone from behind said,
"righteous purse"!

Oh, joy...
someone from my generation
noticed my groovy handbag!

I quickly turned to see who recognized
the righteousness of my purse.

There she was...

a fellow child of the 60's...

...older than dirt!

She totally burst my righteous bubble!

Let's look at some other
righteous purses!

You can always find your way
home with this purse.

Cher, The Texas Woman, has this purse
made out of the real thing!

A purse for those of us who
can't get far from our computers!

A purse for the conceited!

A pigskin pocketbook!

This purse just can't seem to
get ahead! :)

A modern day purse based on the old
tradition of women sticking money
in their bras!

What a cupcake of a purse!

Nobody is going to be messing
with this coin purse!

A butt ugly toad purse!

What is with the frog purse theme?
These are real bullfrogs!

A cute fru fru purse!

A poof of a purse!

A cocky purse!

This purse has legs to stand on!

A purse to discourage pickpockets!

Who cut the cheese purse?

This purse scores a goal!

Pooch purses!

This purse is for the
broad with...

So much for my righteous days
in the 60's...
Peace brothers and sistas!


Cher said...

Righteous post, Sista!

The Texas Woman

Sue Jackson said...

So, as you know, sometimes I'm not the brighest crayon in the box! I just can't help it, I have that whole blonde, Gemini, left-handed stuff going on with me, not mentioning other issues. So, with that said, if I understood correctly (remembering my disablities listed above, then I LOVE the purse. And if by some chance, I didn't understand the post...well, it's me and I know you love me with or without a brain. Sue

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

OMG....I HAVE THAT PURSe THAT looks like a chicken...and it comes with 3 EGGS inside...I got it for Christmas. I LUUUV pocket books!
Now...I have to find out about some award...
ox lulu
p.s. does that man in the last shot have on pants?? not sure if I really want to know...

trash talk said...

I've been called an old where's my photo?

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what is it with all you bloggers today?!

this is the third time today I've had to clean my monitor of coffee spewed.

these purses (hand bags? what do I know? my mother calls her's a pocket book) are out of this world.

I would even risk the cat-calls from passing traffic to carry that armadillo bag! cool, but totally cool!

I have to find that "not ugly" purse for my sister. One of her secret shames is that she was a first runner-up in the Miss Pennsylvania pageant a bazillion and one years ago. The purse will definitely make her laugh...and cringe.

Thanks for starting my day off so well!

Halo Hill said...

I think your pink peace purse is "totally groovy" and "right on"! I'm not "shining you on", either. I like most of them, except no toads, frogs or armadillos!

And at least we were to young to say "neat-o" or "23 skidoo".


The Junkin' Yaya said...

Hi sweetie!

I have been trying to post from my blog, but your address says not available via my blog? anyway, I had to get here the Cajun way...via the backroads! :)

Hope all is going well and give my love to Lurch and Karen! Hope to see you again soon....xo...deb

donna baker said...

Don't tell anyone but I have the chicken purse.

Woman in a Window said...

Who's holding his purse? And where are his pants?