Friday, May 1, 2009

Busy, Busy Friday!

We have a busy Friday!
Got your cup of coffee...
or Diet Dr. Pepper?

Okay, let's go!


This is Baby Bella's Day!
Yes, today is the day 
the raffle tickets go on sale!
If you haven't read about Bella
and her new starring role,
please read my review in
yesterday's post!

Go to this blog:

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Friday's Favorite Family Fotos

My granddaughter, Madisyn,
thinks it is so funny that her
Mom is scared of worms!

My Mommy is afraid of worms,
They make her run and scream and squirm!
I dig in dirt and pull them out,
I love to watch her run and shout!

I think that worms are pretty cool,
But they make Mommy foam and drool!
I put the worm close to her face,
And she will run the best foot race!

I don’t give Tango worms too much,
Cause he will squish them with his clutch.
He can’t help it, cause he’s too little,
He tries to break them in the middle!

But my Mommy is afraid of worms.
They make her run and scream and squirm!
I put worms around my fishing hook,
While Mom gives me a dirty look!

Worms are fun and good to eat.
They make my Mom fast on her feet!
I really don’t eat them…I just like to tease Mom,
She plays like she‘s scared…she’s the bomb!

Tango says, "Where are the worms?"

Thanks to Deborah for hosting Friday Favorite Family Fotos!
If you are interested in joining us,
contact Deborah
or at the following blog:
Thanks, Deborah!

We're not through! Come on!


We are headed over to visit

Malisa has a guest blogger.
Yes, it's Imogene!
What? You don't know Imogene?
Imogene, on the left, has bullied her way onto
The Renaissance Chick.
You can read about her there.
She is a cranky, eccentric Texas woman
who will make you laugh.
Mosey on over there:
Prepare to blush...Imogene is a hand full!


Woman in a Window said...

Oh no, Madison has power over her mother. I can imagine her as a teenager holding a worm over her mouth and saying, "Mom, give me the car keys or I'm gonna eat it!" This is clearly trouble.

yes, Bella, all the best for Bella.

Teresa said...

Eeeeewww... don't give my daughter any ideas. She already knows how to get me.

I love me some Imogene!

Sue said...

I LOVE the look in Madisyn's eyes with those worms, especially when she pretends to eat them. I've seen that "look" many times in Riley's eyes!!Tango has NO idea yet what a his big sister has plnned for him, does he?

Diane said...

Loved the pics AND the poem! Not so crazy about the worms though!!!! :( Thanks so much for sharing with us today.

Many hugs........


Sherrie said...

Great photos! Love the poem, it's awesome! My son was afraid of worms when he was little. His sister used to chase him around the yard with them. Have a great day!!


ann said...

i put little Bellas button on my blog.Maybe it will help some.

byhisgracealone said...

loved the poem, the precious little ones, the story.... but yuk on the worms and bugs.......great story none-the-less (poor mom!!!!)

blessings on your day

Jeanne said...

Madisyn, is so adorable and the look in her eyes is a classic. the poem is so cute. Actually I hate worms and crawly things. Yikes, I would be a basket case. Tango is so cute too. Love your photos.

I am praying for little Bella.


Montee said...

I bet Madisyn would like the book, "How To Eat Fried Worms." said...

Great poem and precious photos.

~Deborah~ said...

Love your poem! My six year old granddaughter loves bugs and worm hunting. I don't want them near me either!!!

Love those pictures, but her holding those worms up to her mouth kind of creeps me out!

Sheila T said...

Love the pictures and the poem they accompany--thanks for the smiles!

trash talk said...

Malisa, go get those babies some mcnuggets!!! You know someday, she'll be teasing her mommy that way and Tango is going to be there to make sure they actually go down!
Thank you for being such a supportive friend to me and I don't mean just the Junk Sistas...I mean all the time!

Halo Hill said...

How cute are your grandbabies!!?



Robin said...

Oh my goodness....great pics....
She didn't really eat those worms, did she?

Say....if you could lease check out my blog; I've left an award for you!

Hope your weekend has been beautiful....

Lou Cinda said...

How fun! Worms are not so bad and they are full of protein!! YUM!

I was pondering as I sat in the warehouse with the funnel cloud going over, that this might have possibly been "ONE" of the most ignorant things I have done to date!

But hey! It's all good!

Lou Cinda :)