Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...

I just want to
reach out to
all of you,
my wonderful friends,
and say...


Lurch, Mom and I
could feel your hugs
and support from
many miles away!

I don't know how
I would survive
without my best friends!

Thanks to you all for all your prayers and support these last couple of weeks. It has been a trying ordeal, but we all survived. Please continue your prayers for my family as both Lurch and Mom cope with their illnesses.

Mother and I spent a long day at MD Anderson. If you have been there, you know the routine. Upon your arrival, you are handed a schedule of tests and appointments for the day. Mom's appointments were in multiple buildings and on multiple floors, so we had a busy, busy day "hurrying to wait". To her disappointment, she learned that she is not a candidate for stem cell transplant at this time, but she was a trooper and continued with tests in case her status changes.

Lurch went through a series of cardiac diagnostic tests to determine if he could undergo toe surgery. After much deliberation, his doctors agreed with us that Lurch could have his surgery with a local block rather than "go under" anesthetic. Lurch is now recovering and hobbling around the house and getting waited on...again! The good news is that Lurch got good reports on his heart tests. However, he still has a way to go in his cardiac rehabilitation before he has full heart and lung function.

Did you hear that? That was a big sigh of relief coming from me! Thank you, dear friends, for helping me get through the last couple of weeks! So what can I do to return your kindness?

How about a contest with a prize? Yippee! A contest!

On Wednesday, some time during the day...unscheduled and unannounced...I will post a quick contest on Moonlight Hollow. On Thursday, I will post a quick contest on The Renaissance Chick. Yes, you can participate in both contests and win both prizes! (Watch out, girls, Trash Talk is a fierce competitor!)

What is the prize, you ask?

The prize will be a small (8x10), original fabric collage art piece made by me. I will use a photo from my personal vintage photo collection to feature on the collage or I will use an image that you email me...your choice!

Don't forget to play!

Contests will be posted unscheduled on the following days:
Wednesday, July 22...Moonlight Hollow
Thursday, July 23...The Renaissance Chick

Did I mention that the contest for Moonlight Hollow will be about Texas? Better study up, California girls!


trash talk said...

So I guess you won't be providing an answer sheet, huh?
What great news!!! I swan...what lengths men will go to just to be waited on! Give everybody a big old kiss and hug from me! Take one for yourself while you're at it. I know you must be worn to a frazzle, so wear skates while playing the role of Flo Nightingale.
You can't see me, but I'm doing a crazy happy dance right now and I want nothing but good reports from you for a while...oh and a pop quiz wouldn't be so bad either!
P.S. I've missed you my tacky, trashy, crazy, beautiful sister!

trash talk said...

Mal, I hope you don't mind but I'm using your sweet little girl praying to ask for prayers for Baby Witt. Do you have anything I could buy from you that I could use a permanent photo for a prayer list? There are so many in need and I sometimes forget.

Cher said...

Oh, goody! But if my brain ain't up to research, I'll just make my answers up. So glad things at your house are coming around. You deserve continuous margaritas brought to you by handsome young bartenders! And I'll come join you in the drinking!!!

The Texas Woman

Sue said...

Drinks and young bartenders at your house??? Okay, I've packed my bags and am off to the airport, see you tonight. I prefer "cadallic margaritas", okay?? And in regards to the bartenders, the younger the better!!