Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Have you heard?
There is a party tomorrow!
What time?
Who knows!?
It's a contest...
no, not a drinking contest!
It's kind of like
a semester exam...
about Texas!
Yes, Texas girls,
you have the advantage!

Be prepared!
Pull out your Texas Cliff Notes!
Sometime tomorrow...
unannounced time...
a Texas town quiz
will be posted!
First one to answer
all questions correctly
will win an original fabric collage
with original vintage image!

You don't know anything
about Texas?
Shame on you...
on Thursday
for a second contest!

See you tomorrow!


The Texas Woman said...

Is that you third from the left? Not that one. My left, silly.

trash talk said...

A. Ann Richards
B. Liz Smith
C. Mary Kay Ash
D. Ima Hogg (Ura was unavailable!)

Do I win?

Ann said...

so good to visit you again. an absolute delight to see all these pictures. they so reminded me of visiting my twin sister in Texas..she took me all over. I loved the Texas State Fair!! my sister lived in Coldspring,before she died. thank you for the lovely memories..I'm sure she is looking over my shoulder looking with me..I can smell her perfume(it's one i don't wear,as it was her signature scent!).The people I met had hearts as big as the state and made me feeel so welcome.