Sunday, August 30, 2009

Girls Day Out!

Several weeks ago,
Madisyn and I had the opportunity
to have a Girls Day Out!

Of course, we had to go shopping
the day BEFORE "Girls Day Out"
so we could have the perfect outfit
for "Girls Day Out"!
Notice the shiny leather-like pants,
the heart peace sign shirt,
the groovy vest and the
far-out jewelry?

Have I mentioned that
Madisyn's parents hate me?
I cannot help it that their
daughter is so dang cute!
Not my fault!
Well, maybe it is!

Madisyn and I
had pedicures!
You should have heard
her laugh when they
buffed the bottom of her feet!

Of course, Madisyn had to have
a tiger manicure...
after all, she was attending
the high school Tiger Cheerleading Camp
the next day!

It was a fun day with my
best buddy!
We returned with our
peace sign purses
filled up with sparkly goodies!

I Love You,


trash talk said...

Looking mighty fly, Miss Madisyn! What did you pick out for your grandmother to wear...something matching yours I hope!

Mal, that is one great way to spend the day. I went a few weeks back with Graycie and absolutely had one of the best days of my life. This is our reward for childbirth!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Good times with the girl child! I love the shopping before the girls day out. Y'all got that right, for sure! ~Mindy

Sue said...

Okay girlfriend. . . two things! First, you made me wait forever to see the those photos I knew about weeks ago. And secondly, and more importantly, Madi's parent's don't hate you!! So stop that nonsense before I have to drive all the way to Texas to kick your sorry ass ;0)
And with all that said, I LOVED the photos!

Teresa said...

Too dang cute! Now how 'bout the photos with you in them... hmmm?

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Trash Talk: We need to have a Girls Day Out with you, me, Graycie and Madi!

Mindy: Was the term girl child referring to Madi or me? :)

Sue: Madi's parents don't really hate me. They just hate me when I make their 6 year old look 16!

Teresa: No photos of me because I didn't look quite as cute in my pleather pants! Ha!

Linda said...

She just gets prettier all the time. What a fun time you must've had!

Woman in a Window said...

Leather pants and tiger nails! I bet mom hates you...but can't suppress her smile, either.