Monday, August 31, 2009

Pop Test!

Just because we didn't have
a pop test 1st period,
doesn't mean we can't
have one 3rd period!

What am I saying?

I am saying that it is time for a
Pop Test!

Directions: Multiple choice answers...
you are responsible for answer D.

A. A redneck porch swing

B. A really bad episode of Design Star

C. Landscaping by Forrest Gump



trash talk said...

d. Trash & Cat Daddy's love nest
d. "Just a Swingin"
d. sitting in the catbird seat
d. coming home to roost
d. best seat in the house
d. perch for bird brains
d. swinging both ways
d. swing and a miss
d. sitting in the lap of luxury


Sue said...

d.Totally country primitive! A best seller for any store, especially Country Roads since its got the awesome "weathered" look! I'm renting the Uhaul right now to come purchase it.

Barbara said...

Martha Stewart lives here! Deb took all mine.

That was fun.

trash talk said...

Aw y'all, there are plenty more...just put on the ol' thinking cap. Watch!

d. Rock a bye baby
d. Lounge Lizards R Us
d. Big, Comfy Couch (redneck version on CMT)
d. Hillbilly Psychiatrist
d. Six Flags Over Hooterville


(Malissa, I deleted your were so close in fact I'm pretty sure you knew the answer. I didn't want anybody stealing, I mean borrowing your answers. I think I saw Sue looking over your shoulder!)


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

d. Do y'all think the bamboo makes my yard look bad?