Saturday, August 1, 2009

Road Trip!

I know I have had
a couple of blogging
breaks this summer...
but they haven't been
fun breaks!
So now I am taking
Lurch on a road trip...
his first trip since his
heart bypass!
I'm not saying where
we are going...
I am just going
to give you two hints!

Hint One...

Hint Two!

The laptop will be going
with me...
just don't know if I will
have the energy to post!
I will be checking in
on you though!

See you soon!


Sue said...

I know you'll have a fun time Gramma!! Love the picture of Tango, will be waiting for more next week! Have fun with those babies!!

Vodka Mom said...

hey Malisa- I've been thinking of you guys!!

Hope all is well.


The Texas Woman said...

Glad you guys are going to get away. Kiss the kiddos for all of us!

trash talk said...

We can check in on each other!

peggy gatto said...

Have a ride or 2 for me!!!
hugs to all!!!!!!!

claudie said...

Malisa, I hope you and Lurch are having a fabulous time. Heaven knows you both need it. Come back with a "ZING".
Love Claudie
P.S. He to the kiddos.

Woman in a Window said...

Making kinda road trip. Have fun!

Barbara said...

Where ever you go with those two darling kids will be a great trip. Have fun!