Friday, August 14, 2009

We Are Home and We Are Pregnant!

You heard me!

Who me?
That's just my stomach...
and my gin and tonic!

Madisyn and Tango
will be having a baby
brother around the
first of November!


trash talk said...

Congratulations!!! What did you put in their water while you were visiting?
Will you be able to stand it till November?

Sue said...

Are they still thinking of the name Riley? You HAD to get another grandbaby to have more than me, didn't you? Remember though, I still have more kids than you do so hopefully I'll be catching back up with you ;0} I just now noticed your "new look"! I like it, alot!!

Ann said...


Claudia said...

Congratulations on your good news! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I've just been reading through both of yours and am having a ball! I love that you taught Drama - I worked with high school kids before I went to grad school and I loved it. This was many years ago! (In fact I just heard from one of those students the other day after all those years!) I'll certainly be back and visit you more.


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Oh, MALisa! How exciting! Good to hear from you and with such great news. Yea! Welcome home, my lady friend. ~Mindy

Rhonda said...

What??? WOW - I can't believe it! And just in time for your birthday!! I miss you!!!!

Teresa said...

Oh that's awsome Malisa. We aleady know that baby's gonna be a knock out. Congrats girlfriend!

trash talk said...

Hey girl, I didn't realize Lurch had another surgery. If you told me, I must have been in another world at another time and I'm so sorry for not paying attention.
Is everything going OK?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Malisa! The wait can be nerve wracking. I'm expecting a Great Niece to enter this world in a few weeks. LOVE your new look. Awesome! Marlene Hoelscher

Ann said...

OMG...........Malisa..could you email me twin lived in Coldspring and I was wondering if you knew her or her husbands family.