Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Last Day For Random Thoughts...This Year!

I know, I know...
you have really been
looking forward to another
day of my random thoughts!

It is the last day of 2009,
so I MUST clean out all
the thoughts that are left
in my teeny tiny brain!

Beginning tomorrow,
for 365 days,
I will feature a vintage
photo from my collection.
Sure, I may do a little writing
with each vintage photo,
but there is nowhere for
these dang random thoughts!

So, here goes...

what a terrible year for me!

I am ready to blow
this last year off!
Should I have said "away"?
I am ready to blow
this last year away?
Blow is a hard word
to use in a sentence!
Maybe I shouldn't use the words
blow and hard together either!
How do I get out of this?
Okay, moving on...

If I thought I had many
more days like the ones
in 2009, I would probably
hit the panic button!
However, it's almost a new year,
so let's get to those
random thoughts.

Do you consider
this a bird dog?

Would you have this chair
in your house?

How about these?

What in the world is
Peter Pain hitting this
poor lady in the head with?
And why would Ben-Gay
get rid of that pain?
And have you ever heard
of Peter Pain?
I'm gonna refer to Peter Pain
from now on!

Which Christmas outfit do you prefer?
Personally, I think the 1978
outfit makes the lady look like she
has thunder thighs...
and the length of those pearls
is just very unfortunate!
The 1989 outfit is roomy,
spacious and big enough for
the Octomom to bring all her
kids on stage!

Why would a nudist
wear socks?
Just a thought.

Why do Dads get all the fun...

while Mothers get all the blame?

I know it is time
to close my mouth...
but I just can't help it!

I have tried to use this photo
all year, but never had the
so enjoy now.

What? What?
There is a market!

Oh, so that is what

Lust is a terrible
thing to waste!

Don't ask...
don't even ask!
That means you too, Robelyn!

My mind is full of captions...
but I will leave it
to your imagination!

So I leave you with my
thought for the year.

Happy New Year
from Malisa and Lurch...

and Moonlight Hollow!

and thank you, Dear Lord
for my family,
my blogging buddies
and for 2010!



Sue said...

This New Years eve we've been given this awesome huge "Blue Moon"! It won't be around for at least 20 years, I'm lovin' it! I say screw traditions,be happy we all made it this far and do something that makes you happy! As my buddy Mick sings, "sometimes you can't always get what you want, but if you try real hard, you just might find, you get what you need"! Happy New Year My Friend!

Take care, Sue

red.neck chic said...

So... this is your brain on Margarita's? LOLOLOL I'm lovin' it!!!

Yes, all 3 chairs could VERY HAPPILY coincide in the single-wide...and I'd love it! I like the tree hat on the right - but I'm all over the pearls on the left! Uhmmm... that kid started smokin' early for sure - Mom's were born to blame you think the fish in the bikini bottom is from the sponge bob cartoon OR do you think it's billy bass's cousin? hmmm...

Nap time over!!! Get up and ring in the new year!!! LOLOL
I hope you're havin' fun you goose! Can't wait to wreak havoc in the new one with you!

;-) And oh yeah... it's going on my list of "must ask Malisa"...


trash talk said...

As crappy a year as it was, we survived my sassy friend and are stronger for it.
You are an absolute Texas treasure and I take great delight in your friendship and your wit. I miss you when you can't blog and I really miss my stories and pop tests. You help keep the ol' noggin working and sharp. Thanks for the laughs (and tears) this past year!
BTW, I dig all of those chairs and good grief...who is that man with the hand?

Barbara said...

Wow....some of the most ?????? pictures I have ever seen and enjoyed. Happy New Year, but no more tequila! lol.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

What fun photos!!! - and your captions are so perfect.

I've enjoyed your posts so much this past year - and I look forward to another year of your rare brand of humor and insight!

Happy happy new year!

... by the way, I'm swiping that Listerine ad - just letting you know. I like to be honest about my dishonesty :)

The Muse said...

With each sun that rises...
With each moon that fades...
May you find blessings~
Along life's way.
Love The Muse

CHEERS this New Year!

Blondie said...

This is hilarious...I love this post honey! Hope you have a fabulous new year...thanks for visiting and commenting on my resolutions...Kori xoxo