Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1...The Premiere!

Welcome to 2010!
This year, I will feature
a photo from my personal
vintage photo collection
each and every day!

Yes, we will still have
Pop Test Monday
Wacky Wednesdays:
The Never-Ending Story.
On those days, the pictures
will also be from
my collection.

You know, if I didn't
love you all,
I wouldn't share
my favorite photos!

I have several categories
of photos that I collect.
Perhaps the hardest category
to find is
the paper moon.

I love each of the paper moon
photos in my collection!
You will see several of them
this year!

If you ever find a
paper moon photo for sale,
be sure and remember me!
I am always on the search
for paper moon photos!

If you are interested in learning
more about paper moon photos
and other Americana photos,
this is the book you need.
Prairie Fires and Paper Moons
is no longer in print so you
will have to find a used copy.
This is a marvelous book...
full of unique and amazing photos!

Now I must ask you to go over to
my other blog,
and check out my post today.
You have to see the pictures I posted there!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

are those brothers on the paper moon from your own collection????

that's a terrific photo!!!

Sue said...

I'll be more dilgent in looking for cool old photos you collect at Country Roads! We have so many photos. I love the first one you posted today.

Take care, Sue

Blondie said...

great photo and wonderful idea honey! Have a great weekend. Kori xoxo

red.neck chic said...

I love the photo!!! Now I've got something else on my list of "must finds"...

I'm a-watchin' and headin' over to your other blog!!!

;-) robelyn

Ann said...

fabulous photo !!
looking forward to each day !!