Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The World's Bestest Big Brother!

Tango is accustomed to being
the Little Brother...
but now he is the Big Brother!
How is he adjusting
to his new role?
Let's take a look...

Tango showed off his Big Brother
skills in the hospital when
baby Cash was born.
He wanted his hands
on his new baby!
Here he is impressing
us all by showering
Cash with kisses...
hard, rough kisses...
but kisses!
Finally, Tango can get down
to the real work of Big Brothers.
Babies don't need balloons...
let Big Brother handle that job!

Hungry, Cash?
Big Brother takes a break
from cookies
to feed the baby.
Taking a break from cookies
is true Big Brother love!

"Hey, Madisyn! Look how many buttons
are on this swing!
Look! This button makes Cash swing...
this button makes it go fast...
if I push them both at the same time,
I can make a Tilt A Whirl!"

Mom says I can't get in
the bassinet...
but she didn't say anything
about getting in the shelf
under the bassinet!
Gotta check it out for safety,
you know!
That's what Big Brothers do!

Mom didn't say anything
about not getting in the swing...
well, maybe she did,
but I like the Tilt A Whirl too!
And don't forget that I'm
the safety inspector!
Okay, Mom, I'm gettin' out...
I'm gettin' out!

Mom! I'm not IN the swing...
I'm ON it!
I can't do that either???
This Big Brother stuff is hard!

The BEST part of being
a Big Brother AND
a Little Brother?
Getting the love from both sides!

Way to go, Tango!


Sue said...

There is just something about that little boy that makes me laugh! You can just look in Tango's eyes and see how his little mind is always working overtime! Elena definately has her hands full with that one. Bryce was the exact same way, and actually still is!! Take care.

red.neck chic said...

You crack me up!!! And Tango?!!? It's like he's my very own!!! I wanted to send my Little Bro. to China a few weeks after he was born... seriously. We were at the airport, my Mom turned around panicking 'cause i wasn't hangin' on her leg... I was at the desk trying to jump on top to ask the nice lady to please take my lil' brother on the next flight out. To China.

Please don't take Tango and Cash to the airport without the beautiful Madisyn as the Guardian Angel.

Beautiful - ALL THREE OF THEM!!!

;-) Robelyn

trash talk said...

Girl, he is one little mess! Can you send him my way...I bet I could drop 20 lbs. easy just chasing him around. What a little imp...love it!

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