Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 13...Cotton Pickin Hat!

"Hey, who asked your
cotton pickin' opinion?"

I always hear that question
when I look at this vintage photo.

This precious little girl
had an attitude...
or just didn't want to smile!

I love her simple cotton dress...
the cross necklace which hangs
around her neck...
the white socks
that I want to pull up...
and that hat!
What can I say about the hat?
It takes a special female to
wear that hat with style!

I bet this little girl grew up
to be a strong, independent woman!


red.neck chic said...

Oh my gosh - I am laughing SO HARD!!! I love that picture!!! Do you remember the "Pearl the landlord" skit that made the internet rounds a couple of years ago? Has Will Ferrell in it... (I'll send it to you if you don't know what I'm talking about)... this picture SO makes me think of that!!!

;-) robelyn

Sue said...

What a sweet picture! Thanks for sharing your "collection" of vintage photos!

Take care, Sue

peggy gatto said...

How adorable is this!!!!!!!!

Lou Cinda said...

Oh, I love this picture too! I agree with you, she is probably the CEO of some big company!! But I think she has a soft side too! lol

Have a great day and thanks for sharing!

Lou Cinda

Woman in a Window said...

AH! She's a cutie. Got legs like my grandma!

How are you? Gonna check up.

The Muse said...

she a set of side pistols...(marshmallow shooters of course)