Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33...It Is The Patriotic Thing To Do!

C'mon, people...
it is the patriotic
thing to do!

All I am asking you to do
is VOTE!
Who should you vote for?
Our blogging buddies,
of course!
Sue and her kiddos are
nominated for a wonderful
You know Sue...
Yes, Sue is the wonderful owner of
Country Roads Antiques and Gardens
in lovely, sunny
Old Towne Orange, California.
She and her children have made
this family operated business
the best antique store in Orange County!
Evidently, we are not the only people who
know this little secret...
Yes, they are nominated
for the prestigious
FOX Hot List...
the Best of the Best
in Orange County!
All you wonderful people helped
Sue win this award last year,
so let's do it again!
for Country Roads!

Yes, there is another blogging buddy
who needs your VOTE!
VodkaMom is on my required
reading list every day!
After all, a day without VodkaMom
is like a day without sunshine...
or laughter...
or booze!

Deborah is a mom...
and a teacher...
what better reason to drink...
and write about funny experiences...
and drink some more?

Deborah has a tender heart,
a love for kids,
and a wonderful sense of humor...
and she is ONE OF US!

So let's go VOTE for her!

Just go HERE and scroll
down until you see
(she is Number 7!)
and click on
I Like This Blogger.

Now, while you are doing
your patriotic duty,
get over to
and meet a bunch of
wonderful people...
947 of them to be exact...
and the list keeps growing!

If you are a new reader, welcome!
If you want to register for my giveaway,
be sure and leave your comment on
this post...


Sue said...

There are days when you sometimes feel that the "skies of life" could be a bit more sunny. Thank you for helping mine brighten up today!
Take care, Sue

Vodka Mom said...

I'm here to give you a KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy said...

Your blog is GREAT! So glad that I found you through OWOH!!

Heather said...

Lovely work...I'll be reading more with interest!