Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 54..."Vacation" Highlights!

Some of our vacation highlights
during our stay here at
La Mansion de Enema...

The night Lurch was in
the bathtub with 14 nurses!
No, he was not taking a bath...
nor did he intend to be in the tub...
but he fell into the tub
and was soon fussed over by
no less than 14 nurses!
That man will do anything
for attention!

My daily visits to the
hospital's own McDonalds!
Does anyone but me think
that it is ironic that the world's
leading heart hospital
has a McDonald's?

My award winning
Olympic performance
in the surgery waiting room!
I was nervous...
and anxious...
and a wee bit clumsy
when the surgeon came to talk
to me after the surgery.
Maybe, just maybe,
I tripped over my flip flop
and ended up tackling the
Coke machine to stop my
catapult through the air!
The Russian judge gave
me a 7!

The hidden camera video
of the joke that valet parking
played on me when they
brought me the wrong car...
and then they insisted it was mine...
like I can't tell my black SUV
from a silver compact sedan!
And then I found out that
it wasn't a joke.
Yes, they lost my car!
Three cars later
and me wrestling them
to the ground to get to
the car key board,
finally resulted in me
getting the bat mobile back!
And I can't even speak the
total of the parking bill
aloud...too profane!

I have heard rumor that
our credit card has been declined
so they may send us packing
Who knows...
they may just be pulling
another fast one on me!


trash talk said...

Please tell me that none of the above is true! Sadly, I know it's all true. Had some similar escapades when the Catman was in the hospital and don't even get me started on the wonderful vacay with Jenn.
At least you've still got your sense of humor. Reckon you can parlay that for the bill?
Keep the faith and I'll keep the home fires burning and the prayers flowing.
P.S. BTW, were you trying to repeat perfect your swan dive first attempted off your deck?

Malisa said...

All the incidents are true except for the credit card decline! :) We do have good insurance.

Yeah, I thought about the swan dive off my deck...except that was a triple barrel roll!

Sue said...

Hey girl, I'm hoping this absolutely FABULOUS vacation you are on kicks your butts home soon! Vacations get old after awhile, don't they!
Take care, Sue

Jennifer Juniper said...

Falling in the tub, tackling the Coke machine? Oh, boy you might need to lay down after a week like that!