Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 55...Part One...Happy Birthday, Madisyn!

Oh, my gosh!
I got a photo to load
at the hospital!
It hasn't allowed me to load one yet!
And what a better one to load
than this photo taken of Madisyn today...
on her 7th birthday!

She is such a beauty
and I am so proud of her...
because she is so sweet...
because she is so well mannered...
because she is so kind...
because she is such a good student...
because she is such a good big sister...
because she is the BEST granddaughter ever..
because she is MADISYN!


We love you so much!
--Grammy and Grande--


Lou Cinda said...

Oh Malisa! How beautiful!! Happy Happy Birthday to Madisyn!!

Hope Lurch is getting better and better!

Lou Cinda :)

Sue said...

My little Riley just left, and for some reason I was sad to see her go. But I'll see her tomorrow. Then I got on my computer and I got to see your little Madi, as beautiful as ever!! I KNOW you were wishing so much to spend time with her on her birthday. She understands, I'm sure of that, and I'm also sure that you and Larry will have some big celebrating to do with her in the very near future! Happy Birthday little Madi!!
Take care, Sue

trash talk said...

That's the best kind of heart medication on the market and I'm willing to bet Big Boy doesn't fight you when she comes around!
Happy birthday beautiful girl!
P.S. I feel so sorry for y'all in another 7 years!