Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 62...Every Picture Tells A Story

I love photos that tell stories.

This photo taken on a
Louisiana street corner
in the 40's makes my
imagination run wild!
The lady crossing the street...
what is her story?
Is she a secretary
taking a break?
Is she just leaving the man
on the corner after a romantic
rendezvous at a downtown hotel?
Is she a housewife
with a shopping list in hand?

The man on the corner...
what is his story?
Is he wanting her to turn around
and look at him just once more?
Is he paranoid because a
photographer is snapping his picture?
Does he see his wife crossing the street
and unknowingly passing his lover?

The man in the wheelchair...
what is his story?
Is he just returning from the
hospital with his belongings in his hands?
In the days before handicap access,
does he have someone with him to
help him move around the city?
Is that a hat in his hand and is he
begging to exist on the street?

The two women who are walking
and chatting...
what is their story?
Are they talking about a man?
Are they heading to the Vogue
Shop for their annual sale?
Are they in the city on a girls' day out?

The woman waiting on the corner
who is looking at the camera...
what is her story?
Is she waiting for her tardy
husband to pick her up?
What is the mystery purchase in
that shopping bag?
Why is she the only person with
an umbrella? Is it to protect from the rain
or the sun?

The woman and little girl...
what is their story?
Is the woman a nurse or a mom
with a "fashionable" hat?
Is the little girl asking the woman
if they can stop for an ice cream?
Is the parcel in the little girl's hands
a special gift for her father?
(Do you remember when they
wrapped packages like that? Sigh.)

The woman in the store door...
what is her story?
Is she late and going to miss her bus?
Had she just rushed into the store
to use the pay phone to call
her husband to tell him
that she was leaving him?
Did she just have lunch at
the Woolworth's counter?

Every picture tells a story.
What is your story?


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

To be honest. I am too caught up in that picture of your grandbabies to worry myself with the dead people. HAAAAAAAA! Happy Day and Hugs! ~Mindy

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I thought I was the only one that did this with old pictures! I am forever looking at them and analyzing them, and creating stories about the people in them.

This photo has a lot going on in it, endless opportunities to create stories and scenarios.

Hey, can't wait to meet YOU in Warrenton! Yeah, baby!


Vintage Tops said...

I just really love watching the photos above especially with the woman crossing the street and in her upper left corner is the "Vogue Shop" posted.

Barbara said...

Malisa, I saw your comment on Cher's blog about shopping together and wondered if you lived near Bryan?
I live in Jewett and thought if you need, we might meet for lunch sometime as Cher and I did.