Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 69...Taking A Bow

Can you believe that it is
Day 69...
and I'm not being clever?
Well, believe it.

I'm bowing out one more day.
Please excuse me.

I am exhausted physically...

Guess it finally caught
up with me.

We just got home
night before last.
We have been in transitional
mode at our younger son's home
since being released from the hospital.
Now, there is so much to catch up on.
I will eventually catch up with
your wonderful posts...
I promise!

Just one more day...
On a REALLY bright note...
I went to pick up a month's
worth of mail today...
and I had some beautimous
gifts from some super friends!

I will be showing photos of my
lovely treasures this weekend!

I also want to say Happy Birthday
to my fantastic
daughter-in-law, Elena!
I will be doing a birthday post
for you this weekend, Elena!
Hope you are surrounded by
love tonight!

Tomorrow is Fill In The Blank Friday...
please come back!


Kate said...

Your note truly has blessed me this evening. You and your family will be in my prayers as well. Sue is delightful isn't she!!! Have a terrfic weekend. Thank you again for the encouragement!!!


The Muse said...

Dropping in to wish you a most lovely day (well, evening... no...I guess it is really a morning lol) I need sleep :)

Ah...we will be here...awaiting your arrival ... :)
You realize of course that you are the recipient of bloggylove :)

trash talk said...

I seem to remember a wise woman telling me to do the exact same thing. "Doctor...heal thyself"! Take all the time you know I'll wait.

Lou Cinda said...

You deserve a bow out, a nap, a vacation a whole plethora of wonderfulness!

Take your time, rest, rejuvenate!

So glad things are going well...
I will keep you all in my prayers :)

Lou Cinda :)

Sue said...

Glad your home girl, and hope it lasts for awhile!
Take care, Sue

Vodka Mom said...

WHAT HAPPENED? That's what I get for having a damn busy life.

Saying prayers for you- xxxxxxxx