Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yard Work...

I may be busy...
but not too busy
to make you smile!
Now that I have your attention...
let me share some of the things
I have been tackling this week.

I have been working on the front deck,
the portico porch and the front yard.

I have replaced all of the plants
in the planters.
Good-bye dead plants...
hello green!

The large urn in this photo was
brown plastic, but now it is white
and antiqued and filled with lavender.

A little white paint and antiquing
changed the looks of several items.

See our pitiful lawn?
Just four years ago, Lurch and I
hauled trailers full of beautiful grass
and filled our front lawn square by square.
Looks like I will have to start over.
I can't afford that much grass, but will
lay scattered squares of grass and
hope that it grows quickly!

These round rosemary bushes
add balance to the front
portico entrance.

I hated to disturb the bird nest
in this bird house, but I am relatively
sure that there is a cranky bird
out there somewhere!

We had two eucalyptus trees until
last summer's drought and our absence.
Now we have one eucalyptus tree.
We cut the dead one down this week.

I have pressure washed all the wicker furniture
and wooden rockers and they are all awaiting a nice,
fresh coat of white paint.

Nothing escaped the pressure washer...
not even the gourds.
They will get a nice coat of paint too!

This rosemary plant is awaiting to be
planted in a flowerbed.
Yes, you may have noticed that I
love rosemary! Most of the plants in
my flower beds are aromatic...
rosemary, sage, lavender, eucalyptus.

The weeds and ants have taken over
the flower beds. Sigh.
I will be attacking those soon!

I need another layer of landscaping rocks
around my flower beds. I went to a landscaping
place to order some natural rocks to match the
ones that I already use around my flower beds.
They offered me a "good deal" at $600!
Whatever! It was hard to contain my laughter!
I am a West Texas girl and rocks are our second
biggest crop! :) I refuse to pay that for rocks!
By the way, my checkbook refuses too! Sigh.
So I went to Lowe's and got these manufactured
rocks for 64 cents each. This is my second load.
Yes, I loaded them and will unload them.
I am woman...hear me whine...I mean roar!

I know there is a fountain in there someplace!
I just gotta get in there and fix it up!
It will be cleared and running by the weekend...
I think.

The drought, the freezes and our absence
cost us six Japanese Maples!
We planted them two years ago for
our anniversary!
Replacing them with more Japanese Maples
is a real priority for me.
I am saving my pennies!

My garden muse is looking a little cross-eyed
over the amount of work she needs me
to get accomplished!
She will be surrounded by new, cheap rocks,
rich topsoil and fresh mulch soon!
She wants you to come back and
see her "after" picture!

Gotta get back to work!


Sue said...

I LOVED just sitting back and staring at all of your pictures. I'm jealous you have SO much outdoor living space. Our lots here are like a postage stamp! And the porch, can't wait till I can fly out and sit there as the sun calls it a day!
Take care, Sue
*sorry about your Japanese maples, those aren't cheap trees to replace!

trash talk said...

I'd like my Mint Julep served out on the portico...so Southern.
I feel your pain...I'm doing the same thing. Funny how life takes priority over grass. My lawn looks exactly the same...darn that Bella! You know I'm just joshing you...I'll take Bella...and I know you'll take Lurch over grass any day of the week, right?
P.S. Now that you've finished loading and unloading all that rock...I hear there's a log rolling contest not far from you. And they say we're the weaker sex...sheesh!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Wow! You ate your wheaties this week, huh? Lots of progress is what I am seeing! I love rosemary, too. And lavender. And well, if it smells good, I like it! Thanks for the update on you. Hello to Lurch! ~Mindy

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

So sorry to hear about losing so many of your plants - that's always so hard, since you take care of them so long AND they're so damned expensive to begin with (I bought a Japanese maple last year - argh!).

I know this will sound wild and crazy - but, have you considered just raking your "dirt" and throwing around some grass seed?

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

OMG! Your house--your backyard, anyway--is picture perfect! Will you please come over to my place and work a little of your magic on it? My backyard, even my porch, looks terrible. I don't have the knack for this.

Your rosemary plant, by the way, is making me jealous. Rosemary is my favorite herb. I use it to cook. If you come over, I could cook you a fresh chicken with a rosemary reduction.

Just sayin'....