Friday, June 4, 2010

Be On The Watch Out For These Three Women...

The poster says it all.

Trash Talk is on the run from the law!

The Athens police have been in pursuit,
but have not been able to apprehend
this well known junker.

Wanted for junkin' and lovin' it,
Trash Talk is not going down alone
this time, because she has...

two accomplices...

All three women
appear to be up to their necks in this!

This blogger understands that the
ultimate law enforcement team,
The Texas Rangers, have been called in
to corral these renegade women!

A representative of the Texas Rangers
told this blogger that when they
apprehend this trio of women,
they don't intend to jail them
in the pink big house...

they intend to keep these three
femme fatales on their feet
working, displaying and selling!

Want the chance to capture
these outlaws yourself?
This blogger knows their
secret locations!

Just show up at Winnie & Tulula's
on Saturday!
You can shop, eat cake,
drink margaritas
and rub shoulders with
"wanted women"!

Would you feel safer trying
to capture one at a time?
Well, here is some "inside information"...

Trash Talk will be hiding out
in the garden in Terrell
on June 10-11.
Just click on the image above
the read about her hideout.

What if it is raining?

No problem!
Cat Daddy has got you covered!

"Rob"elyn can be found
sponsoring this spelling bee!

Known for her cunning wit,
"Rob"elyn is running a numbers
game of some sort!
You read her blog and guess the
number of misspelled words
and get the chance to win some
"hot" prizes!
I don't know...
isn't this how Bernie Madoff got started?

If you are gonna catch "Rob"elyn,
you better do it by midnight Saturday,
because she will be on the run by then!

Why are Lurch and I dressed
like this?
Because we are going to
on June 19th!

Yep, I plan to cuff her and book her
right there on the spot!
You want a chance to capture
"Mean"dy yourself?
Catch her if you can!
Read about her party HERE.
You are invited too, you know!

You have been warned!
Be on the look out!
These three women are armed...
with staple guns...
with duct tape...
with paint...
and with mason jars...
and are DANGEROUS!


red.neck chic said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! You KNOW you have to wear that thar outfit on the 19th!!! I'm gonna be lurking in the doorway with my camera!!!

I'm going to harass those fugitives tomorrow - anything I need to bring back for you? If I'm going in to the big house - I should at least do it in style and while on a worthwhile mission, right? heehee

Thank You!!! And you DO know that you counted more mrs-spealings than I did, right? LOLOL

I can't wait to see you!!!
;-) Have a good week-end!!!


Lou Cinda said...

Oh I wish, I wish, I wish I lived in Texas!!! I would SO love to be there! Maybe I could cath some of those criminals!!!

Hope you and Lurch have a blast!!!

Lou Cinda :)

SUCH a cute post!

sissie said...

OMG, what happened to that dude's pants! LOL
This is such a funny and cute post.

I sure wish I could be there for all the fun.


Sue said...

I'm flyin' out just for the mini cupcakes and frozen "rita's"! See you there!!

Take care, Sue

Sue said...

I'm flyin' out just for the mini cupcakes and frozen "rita's"! See you there!!

Take care, Sue

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I LOVE THIS! You are cracking me up. Thank you for putting the word out. I am SO excited that you and Lurch are coming back to Poetry. Thanks, my friend! ~Mindy

Deb said...

Cute post! Y'all have fun!

trash talk said...

I was framed I tell ya! It's so good to know that I can always depend on you to come through for me...can't say that about a lot of folks...but you always do. Thank you sister!
BTW...bring on the Rangers...I think I can handle a six pack if you can handle the rest!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Love your creativity, Malisa!