Saturday, June 26, 2010

Note To Self

I was so sorry to miss
my writing assignment
last week!
I am glad to be back
to participate in Jenny Matlock's

It is a themed writing meme.
Each Saturday, Ms. Matlock will give
a writing prompt.
Your assignment...
if you choose to accept it...
is to write a 100 word story.
Yes, 100 words or less...
not including the "prompt words".
Oh, and the prompt words can
be used anywhere in your story!

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
The writing prompt is good for the entire week,
so you can join in at any time!


"Did you notice Elizabeth in class this morning
and how forlorn she seemed?" Perhaps I will
write her a comforting note, I thought.

So here is my contribution


"Did you notice Elizabeth in class this morning and how forlorn she seemed?" Perhaps I will write her a comforting note, I thought.

"Did you see Julio's eyes? I don't think he has slept in days." Remember not to say anything if he rests his head on his desk.

"Lauren has worn the same long sleeve shirt three days in a row. I wonder what is going on at home?" Note to self...check her arms for bruises.

It was never discussed in pedagogy. I was never warned about caring. There were no courses on how to heal young, damaged souls.

"Welcome back from lunch, class. Back to work! Give me a word to describe Eudora Welty's short story."

"Don't look at Julio right now!"


Viki said...

This was very good. I imagine these are thoughts teacher's have in their classrooms all the time, unfortunately. Good take on the prompt. Really makes one think. Great Centus this week.

Bookie said...

True teacher thoughts...and you never get to all of them!

Sue said...

My sister teaches at a Catholic school, and I could really relate to this one.

Good job.


My name is PJ. said...

You nailed a teacher's thoughts perfectly. Good job!

mbkatc230 said...

This was a great use of the prompt, I really like the direction you took it. I don't think that some people realize how much more is involved in a teaching career than just books, tests and homework. Beautifully done! Kathy

peggy gatto said...

I always enjoy coming here!!!
I have the same wallpaper on my Hoops and yoyo blog, it looks great here!

Terra said...

Very cool, what a neat direction to take. I love reading these. I too missed last week...I wish I hadn't!!!

mrs. c said...

Teacher for over 27 years and I know exactly how this teacher feels. It is so hard to deal with all the issues in your class!

Cheryl said...

Not a teacher but a student of life. You captured the distress of being in a position where the every day sights are not always lovely.

jeff campbell said...

Very creative take on the prompt...well done...Peace

Kate said...

Hi Malisa
I can get over how cute your little ones are adorable. I was telling someone at my space wouldn't it be fun if we could meet some of our bloggers in different states. You and I would have such fun!!! Great post.

Have a wonderful 4th


Jenny said...

Malisa. I felt your frustration and sadness in this little story. It must be so hard to have your hands tied while your heart weeps.

Thank you for linking up this week. Your stories are always wonderful.

And I appreciate you being here.

Prior said...

Very good, working at a Jr. High, I can relate... Jenny's party sounds interesting...going to check it out! Lezlee