Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wake Up Where The Clouds Are Far Behind Me...

I am writing my Saturday
assignment on Thursday.
Does that make this Thursday Centus?
No, it probably just makes me
a day late and a dollar short.
Okay, okay, it makes me six days
late and a dollar short!
However, the rules say that you
can post anytime during the week!
Now, that is my kind of deadline!
Anyhoo, I am glad to
to be participating in Jenny Matlock's

Speaking of being six days late
and a dollar short,
not only am I late...
evidently, I am lazy!
Have you been over to
to read his Saturday Centus post?
While I lazily "cut and paste" my intro
to each and every Saturday Centus,
old, wiseacre Tom
(just a phrase...Tom is actually
young,sexy and rich)
writes the best introductions every damn week!
I'm getting pretty sick of it!
Tom is putting the pressure on me to produce...
introductions, that is.
Why must he show me up every week?
I am beginning to think that Tom
really enjoys tormenting me with his
bizarre thoughts and hilarious words!
Stop it, Tom...
just stop it!

Anyway, stop by his blog,
which is
way funnier than my blog
and sign up to follow his wise ass!

Now get ready for my regular
"cut and paste" introduction...

It is a themed writing meme.
Each Saturday, Ms. Matlock will give
a writing prompt.
Your assignment...
if you choose to accept it...
is to write a 100 word story.
Yes, 100 words or less...
not including the "prompt words".
Oh, and the prompt words can
be used anywhere in your story!

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
The writing prompt is good for the entire week,
so you can join in at any time!


Somewhere over the rainbow...

So here is my contribution


The explosion was massive.

Fireballs catapulted toward heaven, transporting body parts and sea creatures alike.

Below the disturbance, saltwater inhabitants scurried in survival mode. If only rig hands had been given the same opportunity.

Screams of agony ripped through the Gulf air.

It was unexpected by the men who sweat in the unrelenting heat of the sun. It was patiently awaited in the air-conditioned offices of management. It was just a matter of time.

As calm returned, sprays of salt water and oil caught the sunlight as it gently returned to the sea, creating an ocean of rainbows.

Somewhere over the rainbow…
bluebirds die.


mbkatc230 said...

Brilliant take on the prompt! I'm so happy that you stopped by for a visit. I keep forgetting that posts can be added all week. If I had missed this, I would have been very upset. The tragedy in the Gulf weighs heavily on our family. It has been our summer playground for more years than I can remember. But we may only lose a vacation spot. Countless others have lost their lives and their livelihoods. Beautifully written. Kat

Vicki said...

WOW to you! This was a very timely post, late or not, and I'm glad I came over to see it...

Sad, sad rainbows for sure.

Sue said...

Wow! Thanks for visiting and letting me know that you had posted this. It's very powerful and timely.

Great, great job.


Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Awesome girl!! You ROCK! I got chills...

Lou Cinda :)

Tgoette said...

Awesome job, Malisa! Definitely worth the wait, lady! That was a very poignant and compelling piece. Well done!

It’s hard not to think about this tragedy when it’s there whenever we flip on the TV or internet. I feel so bad for the all the people and animals affected by this. If I see one more BP ad saying how they are going to fix it and return it to normal like it was just a ring around a bathtub I’m going to scream!

Thank you, Malisa, for those kind words and for pimpin’ my blog like that! So very cool! As for the intros, you got it right. I am purposely tormenting you with my blog because I’m just sick and twisted like that! (In my defense, I was breastfed by my great-aunt.) My wise ass begs your pardon! LOL! I could try to stop being silly, but then I’d probably end up in a padded room somewhere without a Wi-Fi connection, so please indulge me my lunatic rantings. :o)

Cheryl said...

Poignant and timely. Thanks Malisa.

Tina said...

how intense and dramatic. liked your description of events.

I too am six days late posting!
Hope you can still stop by. Thanks :)

Jenny said...

We all knew Tom was young, SMART, AND sexy...but who knew about the rich?!?

Exciting. Maybe he really is giving away an Infiniti. My husbands M is 1 year old...I'm sure he'd be happy to park another one in the garage - ha!

Powerful, powerful use of these words. I really felt each perfectly crafted syllable paint the true picture of devastation wrought by this catastrophe.

Thank you for linking.


In case you didn't know.

You can write.

For real.


cj Schlottman said...

I love this timely post. It's a scary old world out there.
As to Tom, I also and jealous of his intros. Never thought I could compete, but you have convinced me to try!
Wish me luck..........cj

Terra said...

So well done, even the intro!! Tom does put us to shame doesn't he! But you gotta love him. Anyway - the end of your story, the last line...this will stick with me for the rest of the night. Awesome!

jeff campbell said...

We must need an 'intro meme'...I am getting lost somewhere over this rainbow between the intentional and the intended...that aside, this was well written Malisa...dramatic, in your face...Peace and blessings