Monday, July 26, 2010

Unique Chandeliers!

a decorative, sometimes ornate,
light fixture suspended from a ceiling,
usually having branched supports for a number of lights.

If you know me very well,
you know I love chandeliers!

I have a room full of chandeliers and parts.
I can envision almost anything as
a lamp,light or chandelier.

However, there are some people
who have created chandeliers
out of strange items...
some pretty cool...
some just a little too bizarre!
Yep, there is such a thing as
too bizarre for me!
I know...I know...
that is a shock!

Let's check out some
UNIQUE chandeliers.

Looks a little bit like a fishing basket,
doesn't it?
Yes, I have made a light from
a fishing basket!

However, this chandelier is made
from paper clips!

Does your neighbor have a piece of junk
vehicle parked in front of your house?

Surprise your neighbor
with this bright solution!

Pen down this idea!

Can you believe this chandelier
is made out of Bic Pens?

Got a teenager around?
Bet you have some of these things
around the house!

This chandelier made from CD cases!

An old bicycle tire and some bent
spoons team up with some cool junk
to create a cool chandelier!

If you have as many kitchen glasses
as I do, you could have one of
these babies!

A few forks...
a pie pan...
cookin' up a cool light!

I really like this silverware chandelier
and, yes, I will probably make one!

Who knew that wooden and plastic
clothes hangers could be used in
such creative ways?

After your jungle themed party,
collect all the discarded plastic monkeys,
go bananas and make this creation!

Ever wonder what to do with those
left over, used party poppers?

An artist created this piece of art
from items washed up on the beach!

You have probably seen this one before,
but who can feature strange chandeliers
without showing this beautiful
Gummi Bear creation?

This may look like a chandelier
made of roosters...
but look again!
Those are white rats!

For all you collectors of those dang,
scary doll heads...
knock yourselves out making
these spooky lights!

Toothpick, anyone?

I saved the three most BIZARRE
chandeliers for last!


This lacy creation is made entirely of...

hot glue!

And this one is made of...

This next one is not for the weak
or easily frightened...
Oh, my!


Sue said...

I think Bryce created the "chandie" in the second pix, you know that industrial look and all! And the last chandie, well, what can I say?

Take care, Sue

Jane said...

You pictured some great chandeliers! I was amazed by the creativity involved in some of them. I love the one made out of clothes hangers. And the last one....that was very interesting!!

Vodka Mom said...

those were incredible! But the last one? Looks like something I haven't seen in awhile.


Cyn said...

hahaha..I almost spit out my water on the last one! Amazing!

Judy said...

Where did you find these...I've never seen anything like them...

red.neck chic said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good GRIEF I love you!!! The white rats one would scare the crap out of me. LOLOLOL

;-D xoxoxoxo

arpworldwide said...

Crystal chandelier lighting are one of the most beautiful chandeliers of all lighting and I believe every home should have at least one.

lulu redstar said...

Bwaaaah haaa haa...I could see Roosters as art but rats? I personally love the Hot Glue moment...and then you go and trash it up with the Lightning ROD. lol

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

LMAO!!! Tampons??? Rats??? A Peni?? No thanks!!

BUT, I did love the one made with silverware too! Would you make me one while you are at it?

Hope you are having a great week!!

Lou Cinda:)