Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Two, Two... Two Stories in One!

I'm so far behind, I thought I was first!

I have been playing hooky.
I admit it.

Shoot me...

I am in the middle of preparing
for a new adventure in life
and have not used my time wisely...
what a surprise.

Okay, I skipped last week
and I feel terribly guilty,
so I am posting two stories today...
last week's assignment
and this week's assignment.

For those of you who are joining us
for the first time, you may be wondering

It is a themed writing meme.
Each Saturday, Ms. Matlock will give
a writing prompt.
Your assignment...
if you choose to accept it...
is to write a 100 word story.
Yes, 100 words or less...
not including the "prompt words".
Oh, and the prompt words can
be used anywhere in your story!

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
The writing prompt is good for the entire week,
so you can join in at any time!

Since I haven't had enough time
to post on Saturday Centus,
I certainly don't have enough time
for a clever introduction.

So here they are.



It was a dark and stormy night.

His survival instinct kicked in. He knew his life was on the line. One slip of the tongue could result in fiery hell.

The interrogator showed no mercy. Answer or die. It was as simple as that.

His mind was blank. He mustn’t let confusion show.

“Do you even remember that day?” the interrogator asked through clenched teeth.

“Yes, I do!” he sputtered. “It was a dark and stormy night.”

The minute he uttered those words, he knew it was over.

The interrogator smirked and turned out the lights.

“If you ever forget our anniversary again, I will hurt you.”



Take any other SC stories (yours or someone elses) and using ANOTHER 100 WORDS...tell us the "rest of the story".

Please copy and paste the first story so we can read both entries easily.
A 100 word story that tells the rest of any previous Saturday Centus!

"Case Solved"
Part One

I had never been more tired. I couldn’t relax. I couldn’t sleep. If I closed my eyes, I saw the horror of the most gruesome crime scene I had ever investigated. What kind of animal could do those perverted, sadistic things to women? I knew I should be out looking for him, but my investigation was at a dead end. My mind needed a break. My feet needed some rest.

I settled into the comfortable movie theatre seat with awkward 3D glasses perched on my nose, a small tub of popcorn on my lap, and a bottle of water lodged into the cup holder, and I felt my body begin to relax. It felt like my exhausted body was melting in the chair.

Then I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck.

Part Two

“Excuse me, mam, did you drop these?” he whispered into my ear.

I froze in place moving only my eyes to see the recognizable object in his hand.

I tried to slow my breathing to hide my emotions.

“Those are not mine,” I replied without ever turning my head to meet his eyes.

Had he followed me here?

I jumped as he slowly teased the object across the back of my neck.

“Give me my panties!” I said as I snatched them from his hand.

“Then don’t leave them on my floor,” he laughed as he kissed my cheek and put a sheltering arm around my shoulder.


Tina said...

Talk about big twists...LOL. And don't worry about being late, been there done that!

Lourie said...

BHAHAHAHAHA! I love that twist on the dark and stormy night! Awesome. Very clever indeed.

Bookie said...

I am late too...always dragging anymore. Love the dark and stormy night one! What a kick at the end! :)

The two part Centus...can feel the theater darkness! You did good job going on with part 2...I could not participate that week...won't try to catch up on that one. Glad you did though!

Cheryl said...

Loved both of these, you twisted sister!

Ames said...

Well ya got me! I wasn't expecting that! Ha ha. Very clever turn! ~Ames

Sue said...

Good job, all around!


Deborah said...

They were worth the wait, the first made me Ha Ha the second made me oooh ... brilliant! :o)

Tgoette said...

Oh you magnificent silly person! I loved your stories! You did an awesome job on both of these! Such amazing twists! Very funny!

Anna said...

Love your stories!
Thanks for visiting my 'cliff-hanger' SC-post.
I am thinking about writing another 100 words and revealing who knocked on the door. But that still leaves us with the mystery of why the flashlight, candles and matches are gone from the cupboard and also why the lights went out.
We have still to see whether or not the telephone is in working order!
Thank you for your moral support. It is really fun/great/necessary to have bloggy-friends that are also biten by the wannabe-writer-bug. We need to cheer each other on.

And, you, Malisa, really have a wild imagination. I may need some help from you, since I usually think in such a humdrum manner.

Don't worry about being late. I am CONSTANTLY late! Do what you can, that's all.

Best wishes,

For the benefit of other readers:
Anna's SC #18 - 100 more words!

Susannah said...

Love the twists at the end! Nice writing. :-)

Viki said...

Great Centus's. That second one was especially worth the wait lol. Great job on both of them.

Jessica B said...

I'm late too... LOL. Loved both of your stories! :)

Jenny said...

WHAT! I love a two-fer! It's fabulous. But don't feel guilty. Come when you can!

And I'm glad you posted these,though.

The first one: Answer or die! I love that! I'm totally going to use that in something.

Here's the thing. NOW I still need to know more. Why, why, why? is just rattling around in my brain.

Your writing is so interesting.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

And best of luck on your new adventure!

Kat said...

These were great! Love the twist in the first one. I'd much rather deal with the CIA than a forgotten anniversary! And I'm so glad you chose the story you did for your continuation, and I love the way you ended it! Great job on both. Kat

Terra said...

The anniversary! Hilarious! I am glad you played catch up, I did not, I just flat out skipped last week!

Linda Medrano said...

Marvelous twists my dear! Love both of these!

~Lissa said...

Oh don't feel bad about being late. I did the same thing as you this week and posted for multiple missed SC entries only I missed two! Ahh! So I tried rolling all three into one.

I love your dark and stormy night story! So hilarious, and the twist was completely unexpected. You create great suspense in both stories!