Saturday, October 23, 2010

We Fell Into Fall...

I love the colors of Autumn!

This time of year, I want to live outside.

Even the spoiled house dogs like outdoors!

Last night, we enjoyed a nice fall evening.

Sweetie decided to grace us with her royal presence!

Granddog, Buddy, was doing his favorite thing...
barking at squirrels!

I was doing my favorite thing...
enjoying a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon!

Aren't those cute candle holders?
My son, Eric, makes them from
empty Corona bottles.

So, of course, Lurch did his best to help Eric out...
by emptying some Corona bottles
while he was cooking on the grill!

Then the hot tub started calling my name.
Oh, it looked so inviting!

The hot tub called out "Malisa, Malisa, come on in!"

"Can I bring my glass of wine?"
Well, I had to was the polite thing to do!

As the hot tub splashed water on my toes, I heard him say,
"No, you can't bring your glass! Bring the whole bottle!"

Well, what was a girl supposed to do?

He invited me personally. He called me by name!

He was a warm and inviting host!

So after a couple of hours in the hot tub
(which is really a warm tub because Lurch's heart condition
doesn't allow us to use hot tubs anymore),
we did this...
Slipped off into the bushes!

Don't tell anyone!


trash talk said...

After a bottle of wine in a "warm" tub...I bet that wasn't the only thing slipping off!

Sue said...

Hey, I could have helped empty some of those Corona bottles! Why didn't you call? Have a good time at your kids house!!

Take care, Sue

red.neck chic said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! I was thinking, "oh! take me! take me!!!" until the whole bushes thing happened...

did ya'll make it out of the bushes yet? LOLOLOLOLOL


Sue said...

"....Slipped off into the bushes!"

LOL, and here I was thinking what a
genteel and family-safe
post this was!

That hot tub sure does look inviting - especially with our cooler weather, wow, talk about invigorating!


MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...


But congratulations! I'm proud of you horndogs. ;-)