Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Hero...

"I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask,
'Mother, what was war?'"
--Eve Merriam--

May we never forget those men and women who
have sacrificed to help us create such a world.

My father was such a man.
This is my hero.
He served in the Air Force during WWII.
My dad served in the 418th bomb squadron
and was stationed in London.

I wish he had talked to me about the war.

I wish I had asked.

I wish he was still here to talk to me.

I am thrilled to have one V-Mail
which my dad sent home to his parents.

Do you know about V-mails?
If not click HERE.

Daddy must have done a good job
on this letter because he didn't get censored!

My Daddy's entire family served in the military.

His father served in WWI.

His older brother fought in WWII and was a prisoner of war.
When he returned home, he weighed 80 pounds.

His younger brother served in the Korean War.

His youngest brother served in the Vietnam War.

My hero came from a long line of heroes.

Thanks, Daddy.

Thanks to all military who help preserve our peace.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know about V-mails this is a lovely tribute. Thanks for sharing. You always been one of my heros

Sue said...

I have a handwritten letter from my Dad that we wrote to his parents during WWII. It's in a case with some of his other stuff and I just looked and it too was sent V-Mail. I always wondered why it was so small. I need to get that scanned in my computer. Thanks for the post and teaching me something I didn't know!

Take care my friend,

Malisa said...

I am Anonymous's hero? Oh, wow! Don't know who you are, but I sure appreciate it!

trash talk said...

My daddy wrote a book about his WWII experiences and he let me read it once. He never got it published and when he went to Heaven 22 years ago, we couldn't find that book anywhere. I think it was just too painful for him and he must have destroyed it.
I don't know if people truly understand the price that is paid for our freedoms and the ability to sleep at night. God bless all the military and keep them safe. They are all my heroes.

David said...

They're called "The Greatest Generation" for good reason!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Wonderful post, Malisa.

My maternal grandfather served as a tail gunner in the RAF, and saw many horrible things that he rarely talked about, and I don't blame him. I believe the tragedy of WWII permanently changed his personality. But it because of his sacrifice, and similar sacrifices by thousands of others, that England was able to stave off the Nazis. These men and women do indeed deserve our utmost respect and heartfelt thanks. And may God have mercy on them for the memories they still carry.

Linda Medrano said...

My Dad served in WWII, my husband retired after 25 years in the Air Force, my son was in the Navy for 4 years, my sister in law is Lt. Commander in the Navy. We have a long history of military service too. Thanks to each and every one of them!

rkulhanek said...

This is so beautiful, Malisa. I didn't know this about your dad. xoxo