Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fire In The Hole!

On November 1st,
I "celebrated" my birthday.

Yep, it was the big one!

It was THE barn burner!

I am so grateful that I wasn't
faced with toxic clouds created
by a massive number of burning candles.

No, my family is smart.
They only used two candles.

I was never good at math,
but even I could figure this one out!

And they didn't do the traditional birthday cake.
This year, there were 60 cupcakes!

Don't know why there were 60.

Maybe they just took my age, 30,
and doubled the number for good measure...
or something like that.

Several weeks ago, during our family reunion,
some of my girl cousins surprised me with an
early birthday present!

Can you tell how thrilled I was at the mention
of turning a certain certain age?

My cousins also generously gave me a
wonderful birthday present!
How did you know exactly what I needed, girls?

Thank you so much:
I am so touched by your love and support!

Birthdays have always been special in our home.
I remember Mother always going "all out"
to make sure that my day was special.

I remember this birthday cake she made
like it was just yesterday!

One of my favorite birthday memories
was on my 40th birthday.
Lurch was a football coach and he
and his team had suffered a long, unsuccessful season.
On my birthday, they won their
game and broke their losing streak.
At the end of the game, Coach and the boys
stood on the field and sang to me
and the game commentator announced
that they dedicated the game to me!

That was a beautiful moment!

My best birthday surprise was the year
that Lurch surprised me with a gorgeous
lambskin leather coat that was trimmed in fur.

I know, I know.
Fur isn't accepted well these days,
but it was not taboo in the Texas Panhandle
with its biting cold winds and blinding snowstorms!
Plus, it was almost 20 years ago.
Get over it.

At least it wasn't as bad as this photo
of Gloria Swanson wearing her fur coat
made out of monkeys!

Yes, you heard me.
I said monkeys!

How bad is that?

I gotta run.
I've got things to do.
Lots of things!

And then who knows...
I might just put on my fur coat
and walk my old butt down to the lake!


Deb said...

Happy belated birthday! Love this post of favorite birthday memories.

Sue said...

Actually, I think that fur coat is making your ass look pretty damn good especially for someone of your age!!! You will always rock girlfriend! But I think you already KNOW that!!

Take care, Sue

Cyn said...

Happy belated birthday!!!

Linda Medrano said...

Happy Birthday Malisa! I love the fur with the bathing suit. I must try that myself!

trash talk said...

Where to gave me so many good lead ins!
First...I counted the number of candles on the cake in the photo with your mom. Now subtract 3 from 60 and that leaves 57. So, refresh my memory...does that qualify you as vintage or an antique?
Second...I think I overheard Lurch mumbling something about he'd like a new rifle. Does a 30-30 count? You are such a pistol!
And thirdly...monkey coat or monkey're still the top banana with me!
Happy Birthday...I'm not far behind you!

Lisa said...

what a hoot of a post.. Happy Birthday Malisa!!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Congratulations on turning 60!

Oh, fuck it. I'm really not all that happy you turned 60. Nobody wants to be 60, they just put up with it because they don't want to be dead.

Still, I'm glad you had a good time. And I hope you did put on your fur coat and take a stroll down to the lake. I'd take a second look, and not only because it's weird. ;-)