Monday, November 15, 2010

Does That Ever Happen To You?

It all started with this...

I simply sat an oil painting up on the mantle
just to get it out of my way.

Then I decided I kind of liked it there,
so I left it and sat down to watch tv.

But I couldn't watch television because
the picture was talking to me.

It was telling me that the corner by the mantle
needed redecorating.

I hate it when home decor starts
talking to me.

Does that ever happen to you?

So I pulled myself away from my girls,
The Real Housewives of Atlanta,
and got busy.

A peaceful and relaxing corner now!

Some of you will recognize
my semi-famous Buddha.
He gets around!

See my little, antique mouse corkscrew?
Isn't he the cutest?
This little fellow was passed down to me
by one of my great aunts
who was a teetotaler.
I wonder why she needed a corkscrew?
Now I am wondering if some of my
ancestors had secret lives.
If only this little mouse could talk!

This wicker rocker belonged to my
great-grandmother on my father's side.
See the compartment in the chair arm?
That is where she kept her sewing.

Although my great-grandmother had many
grandchildren, my father was evidently her favorite.
He was the only one who got to sit in the chair
with her when she was sewing.
Her sewing supplies were in one chair arm
and my tiny father was on the other chair arm.

Isn't that a special memory?

After a long day of being ordered around
by home decor, Sweetie and I took
a break in front of a nice, roaring fire.

Does it get any better?

Yes, folks, the day started out
with an oil painting insisting that I redecorate,
and ended up with Sweetie
giving Lurch a night kiss.


Sue said...

Our "homes" are something we should hold close to our hearts. Home, no matter what you call home, no matter where your home is, as long as it is your "home" it should be the place you find love and comfort in. And yes, some of us do go through those crazy decorating modes. I'm always doing something around here, never ends.

Take care, Sue

Linda Medrano said...

You home looks absolutely charming! So warm and stylish! And, Oh My Goodness, does Sweetie add the perfect touch to the decor! No kidding! What a beauty!

Blondie said...

Your room looks so peaceful! Make sure to check out my Christmas giveaway if you haven't already!

Kori xoxo

red.neck chic said...

Look at that... you have a corner for me to come sit in!!! WHOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!

My house talks to me all the time... I'm so glad I'm not alone...

MALisa! Your house is gorgeous!!! And I LOVE that chair - not only for it's coolness... but for it's memories too!!!

I just learned what a Turducken is...

;-D xoxo

Lynnie said...

I really seriously just visited that exact Buddha last weekend! Very cool! I wish I had one of him!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I love it that you actually decorate. I only think about decorating, and my house looks like a pile of laundry and dirty dishes. I'm very jealous of you and your talents.

P.S. -- I'm sure your great aunt used the corkscrew to uncork her root beer.

Venita said...

Blessings to you and yours...have a lovely, warm holiday. Venita