Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Grammar Nazis

Many of you know that I was
an English teacher for many years.

Some of you may be surprised
because of the way I write!

While, I don't consider myself a
Grammar Nazi,
my sons consider me one.
I'm sure there are a few ex-students
who still salute me!

Thought you might need a laugh for today.
Warning: There is some violence at the end.

Ladies and gentlemen,
The Grammar Nazis...


BLISS angels said...

OH my! So funny but I am wondering.
Are you checking my grammar?

I wish blogger would have spell check and grammar check on comments it would be so helpful... hugs wendy

red.neck chic said...

There's a blog I go to sometimes... for several reasons... but the biggest reason is to witness the butchering of the English language and the frightfully misspelled words in her posts.

Makes me laugh each time - you GRAMMAR NAZI!!! Please always tell me when I mess up... I'd hate to have my blog be someones laugh-fest...
for my grammar... the rest is okay.



Linda Medrano said...

I'm going to be very careful about my comments on your blog, Miss Malisa. Very frigging careful, indeed!

Blondie said...

This is great! I am a high school English teacher and am not a grammar Nazi either! Head on over and check out my Christmas giveaway if you haven't already!


Kori xoxo

The Primitique said...

And then, Robelyn calls me and laughs as she repeats all the mess ups...we can be merciless. Ha! ~Mindy

Judy said...

If you ask me, that's really scary...

Sue said...

LOL...this guy should check out some of the descriptions on Ebay. He would have lots of use for his gun.

Thanks for sharing