Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welcome To My Neighborhood...

Thought you might like to join us
on our walk today.

Come on!
Since most of our neighborhood roads
have steep inclines, we always walk
the lake front road which is the most level
of our choices of paths to walk.

So we load Sweetie up on the golf cart
and drive down the hill to the lake.
Here is our neighbor's house.
Yes, we are lucky to live in a location
with big lots and plenty of greenery.

Fork in the road...
which way should we go?

We took the scenic route.
I love this house which is nestled
back in the woods.
The owner always has the most beautiful garden!

We go down this charming little road
until we come to...

our neighborhood lakeside park.
This is where we park the golf cart
and begin our daily journey.

Gotta check out the boat dock...

and walk out on the pier.

Our golf cart waits patiently
for our return.

Hurry! Get your walking shoes on
and join us!

More photos of our neighborhood walk tomorrow!


Linda Medrano said...

That simply looks like a paradise! (Plus, oh that Pup is a dream!)

The Primitique said...

No wonder you are always so relaxed and chilled. You are living in paradise! I wanna go for a walk with you! ~Mindy

Cyn said...

can I say I am jealous?? I live in arizona..not too much pretty anything around me LOL

Sue said...

Wow, peace, quiet and beauty! Now I'm coming to see you for sure. I can't even imagine what it would be like to live where you are. Out here, we live like damn sardines! Houses line up, people lined up in cars on the freeway and everywhere else. Thanks for taking me on your walk, I enjoyed it!!

Take care, Sue

red.neck chic said...

seriously... i'll be there in a little bit.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Good God, your neighborhood is beautiful! Makes my cardboard box seem downright depressing.