Friday, November 19, 2010

Walk This Way...

Glad you could continue
with us on our walk!

See the white crane sitting on the dock?
We have LOTS of birds because
of all the trees and the water.

Nice view, huh?
From here we can see another neighborhood
on another part of the lake.

I love this old bird house.
Don't know how old it is,
but it was here when we moved in the
neighborhood fifteen years ago.

Yes, this is the perfect place to walk...
especially with this nice, cool weather!

You need a rest?
Go ahead. Sit down.
I am sure the neighbors won't mind.

Sweetie has got her eye on this big, empty lot.
Thank goodness we took care of "business"
before our walk!

Yep, we still have roses and flowers in bloom!
You should see the orange trees with big, plump oranges!

This is Pine Island.
We can see it great from our walk.
Pine Island is a nice little, uninhabited island
which is a local gathering place for boaters.
A full cooler, a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine
makes for a fun day there!

My boys and their friends spent many a day
having loads of fun there.
What is not fun...
having to get a broken down boat
towed in from the island!

Jump it...
Lurch will push!

Palm trees, pine trees,
hardwood trees...
if it is green, we have it!

Guess we better go back to the golf cart
and head back up the hill.
Hope you enjoyed seeing the sights with us.

I'll feature some of the houses we saw
on our walk real soon.

Now, it's time to catch your breath
and have a nice big glass of iced tea!


Judy said...

Nice place...nice atmosphere...nice view...

Marguerite said...

Beautiful neighborhood and scenery! And Pine Island sounds lovely!

trash talk said...

I sure am glad you let me sit a spell...that trick knee of mine was acting up!
Does Lurch know he gets to push?

Sue said...

I LOVE your neighborhood, and could really feel comfortable and relaxed in those wide open spaces. I think I could pretend the lake is the ocean. My concern is the snakes and such, I don' like those and the thing with tornato'd kind of freak me out. But other than that, I could hang, especially on your front porch.

Take care, Sue

Deb said...

Very pretty view, I love lake neighborhoods. Y'all have orange tree's? Cool!

red.neck chic said...

Good grief woman - I'm moving in


MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I cannot believe how nice your house and your view are. Now I'm really coming down to stay. Forever. You can pretend I'm your mentally challenged brother or something.

Anonymous said...

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