Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Sticky Situation...

Jenny Matlock is a turkey!

There. I said it.

Jenny is not just a turkey...
she is a turkey of the finest quality.

Jenny is a Butterball turkey.

You know what I mean.
She is a turkey for giving us such a
quirky writing prompt this week!

Plus, if you just follow her directions,
and baste and trim from time to time,
your story will be delicious!

Maybe I spent too much time
on my turkey this week.
It may be a little dry
or a little too juicy.
You decide!

What are Jenny's Saturday Centus directions?
Write 100 words on her prompt.

"Pardon me," said Tom T. Urkee..."

Jenny's prompt can be used anywhere
in your story.
The prompt will be in italics.


Come on...
join in the feast!

Here is my contribution for the week.

I hated being his opening act.

Tom T. Urkee gave me no credit for warming up his audience.

If Tom didn’t think he was cock of the walk, we could share the spotlight.

Maybe I could charm him.

As he strutted backstage, I took my chance.

“Hey, Tom, is that a drumstick in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

“Pardon me,” said Tom T. Urkee. “Don’t ruffle my tail feathers!”

“Go stuff yourself!” I shouted. “You are so tight-laced, you are trailing twine!”

Then I heard the emcee announce my name.

“Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for….

Miss Candy Yam!”


Sue said...

The talented Ms. "M"! So when is your book being published! We can have your first book signing at Country Roads!

Take care, Sue

Judie said...

Ha! Just how cute is that?? You took the prompt and ran with it! Good work!!

Anonymous said...

Charming! :)

Sue said...

Really fun! And well-written, too.


Bookie said...

This is really cute! And with a
"sweet" ending too. :)

Ames said...

Clever clever girl! You had me with your Jenny the Butterball intro. You have talent girl. I like yours a lot!

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. Come see me again soon. I'm your newest follower. Love the pic above. Is that you sitting on the moon?~Ames said...

I love this, especially since candied yams are my favorite! You've got a great sense of humor. xo

Blondie said...

You are so clever! Hope you had a great weekend! Don't forget to enter my Christmas giveaway before Thursday if you haven't already!

Kori xoxo

Kat said...

This was the perfect use of the prompt! "So tightly laced you're trailing twine" - I'm laughing my head off. This was such a funny and creative use of the prompt, really well done! Kat

trash talk said...

Give that girl a standing "O"...and I don't mean Jennie O!
I love this Miss Candy Yam with your amazing butter busters!

faith said...

"Go stuff yourself!" LOL. That Candy Yam's in trouble now! :)

red.neck chic said...






;-D xoxoxoxoxoxo

cj Schlottman said...

This post made me laugh out loud! Your descriptive talent makes it so visual, and therefore very funny!

Loved it..........cj

Jackie said...

Candy Yam are yummy .

Tina said...

Nice one!

Tina said...

Oops, hit publish too soon. Was also going to say you've got some great one-liners in that one. So creative! And thanks for your nice comment at Life is Good.

Viki said...

Oh, I just loved this. Very cute and clever LOL. Great job.

Linda Medrano said...

Jenny M. rocks! And I love your little saga here! Very timely and imaginative!

jeff campbell said...

This is great! Sooo it ;-) Peace

Tgoette said...

LOL! A deliciously wonderful story! I think I gained 5 pounds just reading it! Great story and intro!

Jenny said...

What a delicious and clever link to SC this week.

I am soooo defintiely a ButterBall. You made me laugh with your intro!

And I love your unique twist through this whole perfect little gem of a story.

You're wonderful!

Anna said...

I just can't keep up with all of these clever people! Very nice!
Best wishes,

Anna's SC wk 29