Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Birthday Celebration Going On!

and one to grow on!
Yep, it's true!

MikeWJ turned 51 today!

He's having a big shindig over at his blog,

You are invited!
All you have to do is bring a gift.

Don't forget the gift!
Old people get cranky.

I've been busy all day making
Mike's birthday cake!

I've also been staring out
the window ...
just wondering what to give
Mike for his journey into old age.

I know what I would like to give him!

No! No! Not that!

I was thinking about giving Mike a new job.
I think he may be losing interest
working in the condom factory.

his motivation has gone limp.

The last job Mike had wasn't
too interesting either.
I mean...
there are only so many pits
a guy can smell!

I know what might be right down his alley...
I could take Mike bowling!

But he might get distracted.
Never mind.

Or I could buy him some new swim
trunks and we could go swimming!
Never mind.
I might get distracted.

How about a...
We all know Mike loves
the written word!

Maybe I should just take him t0 a
wiener roast!
He would need to take his own
wienee though!

It would probably be safer to get Mike a pet...
preferably one born in East Texas!

I read that some of the sister wives
are planning on sending Mike an IPad.
I can do better than that!
Happy Birthday, Mike!
You will stand out in the crowd
with this cool computer!

In case he received one
of the other computers,
I have an alternate gift picked out!
Do you think he will like it?

Wait, Kerry might kill me.

Let me think.

Oh, I know!
This is the perfect gift for Mike...
automated rose-colored glasses!

When things aren't going your way,
just put on these glasses, Mike!

The world will look cheerier!

Yes, you are allowed to wear these
glasses every day!

Hope you had a Happy Birthday, Mike!


MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Wonderfully wonderful! Thank you so much for this amazing gift of creativity, Malisa style! I love this--who wouldn't?--and I'm going to have to get it framed.

Also, just out of curiousity, isn't there some way I can go back to that bowling event, perhaps combining it with the wienie roast? I do so love bowling.

Linda Medrano said...

Malisa, you have just officially knocked me out! I cannot tell you how thrilling and delighting this little gift was! What style you have, Lady! This is gloriously creative and visually stunning! I know it made all Michael's birthday wishes come true. That said, how on earth did you accomplish it with four no-neck monsters about? Now I have six myself and if I can get through the effort of signing my name when they all descend on me, it's a miracle! Well done, Malisa. You are officially my queen.

Judy said...

Absolutely Great!!! Happy Birthday Mike...

cardiogirl said...

I absolutely love the photo of the go go-booted, bouffant-wearing chick with the bitchin' computer! She looks like a sister wife.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Best birthday post ever!


Merry, merry, Christmas to you!

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Tristan ♥

Vodka Mom said...

omg that made me laugh. And the one of "you" looking out the window? We might be twins.