Sunday, December 5, 2010

Early Christmas Gifts For Blogging Buddies!

I decided I better get busy
and get some Christmas shopping done,
so I let my fingers do the walking
and I found some great t-shirts
for some great friends!

Perfect for Debbie?
I think so!
Look, Deb...something sparkly!
Ooh, look over there!
No, here...look here!
Glitter, gleam, shine and sparkly...
it all catches Debbie's attention!

You know what else catches her attention?

No problem guessing who gets this shirt...
Cat Daddy!
Isn't this sweet?
Cat Daddy is taking care of his kittens.
You didn't know that Cat Daddy has
his own fan club?

Check out Debbie and her hot, famous hubby, Cat Daddy,

Can you say Jodie?
Jodie is the most fun Louisiana girl,
but I wouldn't want to make her mad!
Luckily, I have never seen her
in a bad mood...
she is a sweetheart!

Check out Jodie at Everything Vintage.

Speaking of girls from Louisiana,
can't you see Debi wearing
this bad girl t-tshirt?
Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Deb's having a Twelve Days of Christmas giveaway too!

Check up on Debi at YaYa Chique.

Mindy is all about finding cool pieces of junk...
the rustier, the better!
Of course, her shirt has to be black
to hide the stains and dirt from
hauling all her great finds!

Want to see her cool finds?
Head on over to The Primitique.

If you are checking out photos of
Mindy's cool finds, you are probably
looking at pictures taken by
her man, David!
David is a published wildlife photographer
and is also famous for snapping pics of
the wild life at the Zapp Hall Antique Show!

Go see David's photos at Student of Life.

I don't even have to tell you, do I?
Doesn't this shirt have Robelyn written all over it?
If she had made this shirt,
the words would have been constructed
out of real duct tape!
No job too creative for this girl!
"Have duct tape, will travel!"

Check out my good friend, Robelyn

Perfect shirt for Theresa!
She knows what is happening,
where it is happening,
when it is happening
and travels to all the events!

Check out Theresa at Garden Antqs Vintage.

I am a teacher, but Jenny Matlock
is my teacher!
She makes sure I keep my writing
short and concise...
100 words to be exact!

If you aren't participating
in her weekly writing events,
you need to at least go read all the stories!

Check in with the teacher each Saturday on her blog,

Although Cher doesn't blog too often anymore,
she is still one of my favorite blogging buddies!
Cher is one funny, bawdy woman
and she just won a tough battle with cancer!
Looking forward to Cher getting back in the game!

Check out Cher at The Texas Woman.

My favorite educator needs this shirt!
Debbie is a kick-ass teacher of some
unidentifiable grade level in some secret school
in some unknown state.
If you know Debbie, you know the story!
Debbie has had a couple of tough years lately,
but she continues to make me smile on a daily basis!

We should all be so lucky to have Debbie as the
teacher of our children!

Follow Debbie on Vodkamom.

We all know who this shirt
was designed for...
Sue, owner of Country Roads,
in Old Towne Orange, Califonia.
If you read Sue, you know that on Sundays...
especially Sundays with full moons...
she experiences customers who are

That is probably why Sue and I
are best friends...
bat shit crazy people have turned us

Oh, give him a break...
not everybody loves children!
Mike is my favorite humor blog!
If you don't read him, you need to!
Mike and I have shared some similar
life experiences over the last couple of years.
Just wish we shared some of his writing talent.
I am so in awe of his talent!

I think Mike likes East Texas as much as I do.

Go read his wise-ass humor at Too Many Mornings.

Linda is the latest blogger to join
my blog list.
She is worldly, witty and...
well, she may be a sister wife.
I'm not sure yet.
I do know that Linda and some other females
may all be involved in a sister wife relationship
with Mike (mentioned above).
When I find out the details, I will let you know...
unless, of course, they include me in the relationship
and then I will be duty bound to silence.

Check out my soon to be sister at

I even found a shirt for Lurch!
You haven't seen his heart bypass zipper?
Don't ask him to see it...
because he will definitely show you...
anywhere, anytime, anyplace!

Maybe this shirt would keep him
from stripping in public!

I even found a shirt for myself!
Yep, just another one of my many addictions.

Now, if you really know me,
you know that this isn't the year
that I will be buying gifts.

Look, I said I FOUND the shirts...
I didn't say I was buying them!

If you gotta have your shirt,
just run over to

I'm sure your credit is better than mine.

Besides, it is the thought that counts.



Vodka Mom said...

you are AWESOME!!

And yes, I WANT that shirt!!


Linda Medrano said...

I don't even know what to say Malisa! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Actually, well, the Sister Wives thing needs a little explanation. I've told Nicky and Ziva, if they want to, they can come and be sister wives with me. Alex can support all of us while we go drink vodka and buy shoes. Should you want to join us, we'd all love that! Michael is adorable, Malisa, but he's already made it clear that he can't afford us. C'est la vie! Alex can and will if I ask him to. Besides, since I am the senior wife, I can give the lovely young girls the tasks that I am too tired to do. Alex truly makes few demands so we're good in that department. He does like to eat, and I love to cook, but I can always use help with the clean up and laundry.

Yaya Chique said...

YIPPEE!!! LOVE my present!!! First one of the season...big Cajun hugs and smooches! xo..deb

Kacie Leah said...

man! your gifts totally beat my macaroni necklaces i was going to give to everyone!!! LOL
those shirts are awesome! such sweet and thoughtful ;)

i'm thinkin i may have to order the "bat shit crazy" for everyone in my family this year.

hope you're having a great weekend!!!!!!!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Girl, you are too funny! Thanks for the laughs.

The Primitique said...

Aww! I love it! Thank you, my friend! ~Mindy

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I love my new t-shirt, even though it contains the word that should not be said, "children." Thank you for this gift, Malisa, and especially for the kind words.

How I wish that kind words---yours or mine---could erase the difficulties of the past couple of years that our families have experienced and may continue experiencing for some time to come. You've been a wonderful support, and I'd happily join you, Nicky, Ziva and the indomitable Linda as a sister-wife to Alex, except that those girls keep insisting on dressing me in calico pinafores. I don't mind wearing a pinafore, in fact they're very sporty, but I think you know how I feel about calico.

Sue said...

I have a good feeling I could really sell these "Bat Shit Crazy Sunday" shirts! Actually, just experienced another one of those special BSC days. Went out and had sushi and some strong kind of Japanese beer. I think it is time to say good night, but "thanks" for the idea. You know me, always looking for a new way bo market CR!

Take care, Sue

trash talk said...

Do you know me or what?
I got your e-mail and started over here, but then out of the corner of my eye...what should appear.....

The Texas Woman said...

Can't say I love my T-shirt - I hate everything about cancer, even Tees! but I can say I love YOU! Hmmm, have you ever considered that writing comments on blogs is a lot like writing in our annuals when we were kids? They probably text annuals nowadays! Well, as long as they're not driving while they're doing it!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours, sweet blogger! Love, Cher

lulu redstar said...

HAHA HA. Very good, darling. You are so punny and funny. I've been MIA but trying to reach out and touch--no not that...
Love you! xo lulu

red.neck chic said...

LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we wear matching shirts? 'cause you know... you gots to have some duct tape...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thank You!!!!!!!!!

;-D robelyn