Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Photo Christmas Tree...

One of my favorite photo collections
is my vintage Christmas collection.

This year,
I decorated a tiny tree with a few
of my vintage Christmas photos.

I used other Christmas photos
for garland.

This is a very sweet
photo of a little boy spilling
his guts to Santa.

A classroom from the fifties
is singing Christmas carols around the tree.
I swear there are one or two boys
in this photo who ended up
in the big house!

Even mobsters love Santa!

Different eras...
different countries.

You know what?

I didn't show you my very favorite
Christmas photos.

Know why?

Because my favorite vintage Christmas photos
will be featured in boxed sets at the
and online.

I know...
that's SO HO HO HO cool!


shafeena said...

Love it !! absolutely love it !! and SO PROUD OF YOU !!

sissie said...

These are great old Christmas photos. So much fun to look at and enjoy.

Great vingette too.


Sue said...

So, "boxed sets"? Keep up the hard work and I think you just may surprise yourself! I can't wait to see them.

Take care, Sue

trash talk said...

Talk about a photo finish...this is terrif!
You know you left me so many openings for one liners, but I sure hope Santa noticed I wasn't naughty. I sure would hate to find a horse head in my bed Christmas morning.

Sue said...

I love the idea of the tree and garland of vintage photos! Your's looks great!

Healing Woman said...

These are wonderful. Congrats on the upcoming showing!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

fab, fab, fab!!!

what marvelous ideas!

...Santa with mobsters - too kool 4 skool!

Linda Medrano said...

Beyond awesome! I love these! Wonderful photos!

oldgreymare said...

Very cool tree!

What is it about little girls and their outfits during those eras? Just love them.


MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Your creativity seems boundless and never fails to amaze me. What a cool tree! I love it.

Jacque said...

What a great collection! So funny as I was reading I thought she could make some great cards from these! That is so cool! I have several as well, but mine are all small. I also collect vintage pictures of people with their dogs, they are great too.

Tina said...

what a nice unusual tree idea. its lovely!