Monday, February 14, 2011

Multipurpose Monday...

I have several things to share today.

The first is this promotional ad
I made from an amazing photo I found at...

Isn't this a knock-out photo?

If you haven't visited Karen at this marvelous blog,
get over there now!
Today is Brag Monday and artists post photos
of their work featuring images from


Today is Valentine's Day
and I wanted to share these valentines
that I made for my beautiful babies!

Happy Valentine's Day, Madisyn and Tango!
May you always share this love!

Happy Valentine's Day, Cash!
Grammy needs a slobbery kiss!


I be hangin' with nonamedufus this week!

Yep, I won this week's caption contest
over at the funny, funny blog,

Want to see the photo and captions?


Yesterday, I posted a Texas Restaurant contest
which was quickly won by Debbie of Talking Trash.

What did Debbie win?
Debbie won her very own vintage
Swans Down tin measuring cup
so she can cook with the best of 'em!

Now, go visit Debbie HERE.


Men, just in case you have waited until the last minute
to do your Valentine's Day shopping,
here is an ad for you!

It would be overwhelming FOR SURE!



trash talk said...

Well I swan...if those aren't the perfect little Cupids guaranteed to make any heart flutter!
P.S. Don't...I repeat...don't let Cat Daddy see that ad!

Linda Medrano said...

That funeral parlor ad is wrong it's kind of right! Yikes!

Pretty pretty babies in your family!

Happy Valentines Day to you and Lurch! I trust he's feeling a lot better by now.

Sue said...

I always LOVE seeing those grandbabies of yours! That puts a smile on my face. I've gotten Valentine kisses today from my grandbabies, so life is good here in sunny SoCal!!

Take care, Sue

Malisa said...

Thanks,girls! I am very lucky to have such pretty babies! They are very sweet too!