Friday, April 20, 2012

Bird Is The Word!

Today is Day Twenty of
Thirty Days of Photographs II.

That means that we only have ten days of this shit meme left!
I'm knocking back a bourbon doing the happy dance!

Today's photo topic:  BIRD

Flamingos are the only members of the family Phoenicopteridae and are from the genus Phoenicopterus which means "purple wing" in Greek.  Flamingos have puzzled scientists for years as they have traveled the world in search of the secret of why flamingos are pink.

Even though Michael keeps saying that luck has little to do with good photography, I am posting this photo to prove that luck has everything to do with bad photography!

Yes, I am a lucky woman indeed. Could it be anything other than pure luck that caused me to stumble upon the never-seen-before mating ritual of the most rare of flamingos?  The Greenoneleggedcopterus and the Nottonightpurplecopterus mate only once a year in the humid lawns of East Texas. In less than a month, the pink fruits of their his labor will be adorning the lawns across the area. 

I had the dumb luck to be the first person to ever capture the sexual escapades of the flamingos on film...even though my camera doesn't really use film. In a nasty letter threatening legal actions,  The East Texas Audubon Society insisted that I keep the identities of the flamingos private. 

So, another mystery solved and another photo taken. 

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