Thursday, April 19, 2012


Today is Day Nineteen of
Thirty Days of Persecution
Thirty Days of Pure Torture
Thirty Days of Depressing Posts by Malisa
Thirty Days of Photography II.

Today's photo topic:  WHITE

Really?  White?

After all of my downer posts about racism and intolerance, you gave me the topic, white?

Don't you wish you could reconsider this topic choice?

This is the flag for the the separationist group, the Republic of Texas, who uses the premise that Texas is an independent nation under seige by the United States. Let's call them by their real names.

White supremacists.

Nut jobs.


Just for your information, today my blog stats will show "hits" from people who belong to this group. It happened last time I wrote about them. 

I have often passed by this flag and flagpole topped by the human skull since we moved here. It is an dark reminder. It is a threat. It is meant to intimidate.  It works.

Here is my pledge to you. The rest of my photo posts will be more positive.

Go visit the other prisoners' participants' photos.
They will be white, fluffy and uplifting.

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