Sunday, April 15, 2012

Little Piece of Wood

Today is Day Fifteen of 
Thirty Days of Photography II.

Today's photo topic:  WOOD

This photo of a photo is untouched. Not edited. Not altered.

Just like my life.

My maiden name was Wood.  Malisa Wood. That sounded like an introduction from James Bond, didn't it?

I guess I was about two in this photo.  Chubby legs, chubby face and curly blonde hair.

Nothing has changed.

Well, it changed for a long time, but my early traits are coming back around.

My self-diagnosis is not bright. According to Shakespeare, I am in stage six.

But I'm hangin' on!

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1 comment:

Nora Blithe said...

Aww you were a cutie! Way to rock those boots Miss Wood!