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It's Gallery Night at Moonlight Hollow's Pent-Up Photos!

Being a longtime educator,
it is my nature to make sure that all participants are recognized.

In a few days, I will be posting some special awards to some special photographers.
Today, I am hosting an online photography exhibit.
I will be posting my top two favorite photos of each photographer,
except for the host and hostess. These teacher pets get three photos displayed.

I didn't pick these photos based on lighting or composition or any technical aspects.
I picked these photos because they spoke to me on some level.

So please, step right into the art show.
Would you like a glass of wine?
Please don't spill any wine on my floor
and no smoking...ever.
Did I mention this is a cash bar?
Just wave your credit card around your head three times
and your drink should appear. 
If your drink doesn't appear, your account is obviously overdrawn.

Our first photographer is the lovely Ziva who also hosted this "non-competition contest".
Ziva is from Finland. She is young, beautiful and has a whip.
Don't mess with her.

Ziva displayed this photo for the topic, PLEASURE.
Think she captured it, don't you?

 SILENCE was the theme for this photo by Ziva.
Baaa! Baaa!
Silence of the Lambs was damn scary.

 This nature shot was Ziva's entry for WHITE.
I love the textures in this photo.

 This is one of Ziva's outtakes and was not used in the contest meme.
It should have been used. It is awesome!

Go HERE to check out Ziva's blog.

MichaelWJ was the other half of our hosting team.
Hailing from Denver, Michael has plenty of blue sky and cool architecture to capture in photos.
He is smart. Too smart. He picks some bizarre photo topics.
Like outlier. Whatever.
My eyes are happy looking at Michael's photo for the topic, EXPERIMENT.

 ORDINARY was the topic for this wonderful photo by MWJ.

 I'm sure Michael won't be happy that I picked this photo of FEAR
as one of my favorites, but I love it! 
Michael's sarcasm and humor drip out of this photo.

 This is one of Michael's outtakes that didn't make the cut.
I can't quit looking at the photo!

Go HERE to check out Michael's blog.


00dozo lives in the lovely breezes of the Bahamas.
She has been so fun to get to know!
I'm going to see her soon. 
Shhh! She doesn't know that yet.
I'll just knock.
 00dozo posted this photo for the theme ARCHITECTURE.
This is a photo of her ceiling. 
Cool, huh?

 NUDE was the theme for this photo by 00dozo.
Don't ask.

 This photo is one of 00dozo's outtakes.
I like this photo. She should have used it for CROWD.

Go HERE to check out 00dozo's blog.


Unfinished Person lives somewhere cold.
Some place up north where it is still snowing.
No, not Oklahoma. 
More north than that.
 This photo by Unfinished Person represents FROM AN ANT'S PERSPECTIVE.
I ain't going up there!

 PLEASURE was the topic of this photo by Unfinished Person.
I could jump right into that drink. 

 This photo is one of Unfinished Person's outtakes!
Why, Brian, why? 
This is a great photo!

Go HERE to check out Unfinished Person's blog.


Cheryl from Deckside Thoughts is a great nature photographer!
Actually, she is a great photographer of any subject.
She likes birds and winged things.
However, most of us know that birds will peck your eyes out.
That's what they do. Peck your eyes out.
My favorite photos from Cheryl are not of winged things.
 Does this photo kick ass or what?
This was Cheryl's photo for the topic, CROWD.

 OUTLIER was the topic for this photo by Cheryl.
I don't like the word, but I adore this photo.
This photo shouts my name!

 Why Cheryl didn't use this photo, I will never know.
It was an outtake.
It may be my favorite photo of the hellish contest meme!

Click HERE to check out Cheryl's blog.


Dog Eared Copy shared some charming photos.
She was the only person who posted a human cat.
There were SO many photos of real cats!
 MIRROR was the topic for this Dog Eared Copy's photo.

 Dog Eared Copy posted this death mask photo of her own face for the topic, WHITE.

Click HERE for Dog Eared Copy's blog.


Elizabeth from the blog, Seriously, is a fun Southern girl.
She and her husband, Jeff, might be considered sports fanatics.
She likes to tailgate. 
Have you ever heard of a bad person who likes to tailgate?
 Elizabeth took a photo of photo for the topic, ARCHITECTURE.
So why did I pick this photo as one of my favorites?
I love college football and admire her school pride!

 PLEASURE was the topic for this picture taken by Elizabeth.

Go HERE to check out Elizabeth's blog.


John of Nonamedufus is the king of puns. 
Being a king makes him a royal pain royalty.
His blog is full of humor. He makes me laugh every day.
 Dufus took this photo for the topic, MOON.
He lives in Canada. 
Don't think these are Canadian beaches.

NUDE was the topic for this photo of himself as a child.
Isn't this precious! He posted this photo on his birthday.
Let's just say that Dufus is over 30 years old.

 This is one of John's outtakes. 
How clever is he?

Click HERE to go check Dufus out.


Katherine at Shoot Me Now
took some amazing photos.
 Katherine featured her antique lamp for the photo topic, NUDE.
Clever way not to get NECKED, huh?

 TOOTHBRUSH was the topic of this photo by Katherine.
Wish I could teach my dog to do that!

Go HERE to check out Katherine's blog.


Kristen from A Little Something For Me
had to drop out of the photo project after her she and her husband
both suffered foot injuries! 
With three little ones to take care of, 
I don't know how she had time to take photos in the first place!

 This hilarious photo by Kristen was for the photo topic, MOON.

 POWER was the topic for this photo from Kristen.

Check out Kristen's blog HERE.


Laughing Mom from Where's the Funny Here?
posted beautiful photos which touched my heart and soul.
Laughing Mom's character and the strength of her 
family is so apparent in her photos.
 THE DEVIL was the photo topic for Laughing Mom's photo.
Go to her blog and read her touching words.

 Laughing Mom captured the image of her father's hands in
the photo topic, FISH TALES.
I'm in awe of this photo.

 This photo was the best of Laughing Mom's outtakes.

Click HERE to check out Laughing Mom's blog.


Mariann at Blogged Down At The Moment
got to fight the flu during this month from hell project.
Despite the illness, Mariann entertained us with
her creative photos.
 TIME was the photo topic for Mariann's photo 
which shows her through the changes of time.
I think she looks great at both ages!

 During her bout with the flu, Mariann had to post a photo with the topic, WHITE.
I loved her creative efforts with tissues, pain relievers and sleeping pills.
Too funny!

 This is one of Mariann's outtakes.
I think she should have used this photo...
then made another drink and taken a photo of that one too!

Check out Mariann's blog HERE.


Meleah from Momma Mia, Mea Culpa
came up with some very clever photos for some tough photo topics.
Meleah is way too cute. Gee.
She had a huge following on NUDE day,
but she remained classy and dignified.
 ARCHITECTURE was the photo topic for Meleah's photo.
I want this piano, by the way!
Go to her blog to read the story behind it.

 Meleah took this great photo of this precious kitten for
This was the cutest cat photo of the millions of cat photos.

Click HERE to check out Meleah's blog.


Mike of We Work For Cheese co-authors a blog
and turned out some fantastic photos.
Mike lives in Canada. 
It is cold there and they speak French.
How do I know that? Just look at the photo below!
 LINE was the photo topic for this photo of Mike's.
Cool looking, huh?

 Mike built his own city for the photo topic, ARCHITECTURE.

 This is one of Mike's outtakes. He should have used this one!

Go HERE to check out Mike's blog.


Mo from Madd0g
used the cutest little beaver in all of his photos.
He claimed the beaver mysteriously showed up just in time for every photo.
Mo is from England and taught me some new favorite words.
Rockery. That's my new favorite word.
 PLEASURE was the topic for Mo's photo of the beaver 
eating a Cadbury egg.

 The photo topic for this beaver adventure was LINES. 
I want to go sit on that log with the beaver!

Mo didn't use this photo in the contest.
He should have. It is a great shot!

Go HERE to check out Mo's blog. 


Nicky from We Work For Cheese 
provided some great photos.
Although she takes some nice photos of her obsession with shoes,
these are the photos I liked the best.
 THE ORDINARY was the photo topic for this touching photo.
Doesn't get any better than that.

 I thought that Nicky's photo for the topic, Outlier, was
the best example of the stupid word.

 This was Nicky's outtake for the topic, FIRE. 
 Good photo. I can hear the crackle now.

Go HERE to check out Nicky's blog.


Nora from Door In The Face
offered us thirty days of cat photos.
Thank goodness she has cute cats!
 WHEELS was the photo topic for this adorable photo by Nora.

Don't you love this fake mouse hole featured on the topic, WOOD?

Click HERE to check out Nora's blog.


Hope you enjoyed the photo exhibit.
Join us soon for the Grammy Awards.
Yes, the Grammy Awards.
That's my grandma name, Grammy,
and I'm giving the awards.
The Grammy Awards are coming soon!

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