Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Outtakes. Not To Be Confused With Take Out.

Thirty Days of Photography II is over
but the fun continues.

Today, we were given the task opportunity
to display some of the photos that we didn't use 
in the contest non-competitive meme.

For the next couple of days, 
we will be posting about our favorite photos 
from the other competitors participants.

So continue to tune in and turn on!

 I wanted to use this photo for the topic, ARCHITECTURE,
but I didn't want to scare any of you off on the second day.

 I was fascinated by this photo of FIRE.
It looks like a waterfall...a fire waterfall.

 Even without messing with tints,
this original photo looks a bit like a waterfall.

 This photo was my second choice for STRANGER.
I was on my beloved Texas Tech campus and wanted a photo of our school ring.
A photo shoot was in session. I butted in. What a surprise!
I asked the chick if I could take a photo and she said "go for it".
She gave me the "Guns Up" hand sign which is Texas Tech language
for "I am one of you!"

 This photo would have been perfect for the topic, PORTRAIT.
However, I was shooting the LBJ State University graduation portraits
 of this young lady three hours after PORTRAIT had to be posted. 
Obviously, I am a rule follower, so this photo didn't get posted.

 I used a photo of the Hanging Tree for my photo on TIME.
I considered using this shot of the Hanging Tree, but it looked too pretty.
This gruesome story cried for a a close up look of the ugly underside.
I wanted to show what those hanging in the tree might have seen.

 For the photo topic, LINES,  I took several photos
 of my alma mater, Texas Tech University.
I love the lines of the Spanish Renaissance architectural style.
This is the old administration building and our beloved bell tower.

There are so many examples of  LINES even in the newer buildings
which continue with the same architectural style.
This the the main entry to our newly renovated football stadium.

Be sure to check out the rejects outtakes of the other participants.
Keep checking back. There is obviously NO END to this photo project.
Just like the Energizer bunny... it goes on and on and on...

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