Monday, April 30, 2012

I Had A Devil Of A Time!

Today is Day THIRTY of 30 Days of Photography II.

What? The last day?
It has gone by so fast like hell.

Although we have griped, bitched, moaned and complained,
this experience has been fun and rewarding.
I feel lucky to have made some special new friends,
to have sharpened my photography skills and 
to have gotten back in the habit of daily blogging.

I thank MWJ for inviting me 
and Ziva and the rest of the group for accepting me!
Although I am on the road for a couple of days, 
I will be checking your blogs and making smartass comments asap.
If I haven't started following your blogs, I will be soon.
You can also catch me on FB under the name of Malisa Wood Hargrove.

So on with the show.
Please turn your cell phones off.

Today's photo topic: THE DEVIL

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