Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Black Widow Heart

I am joining Nicky and Mike and a fun bunch of friends on 30 Days of Writing. Of course, it is already day five, but that's the way I roll. Yet, most of you know that I am a teacher pleaser and I will make up the first four topics I missed. I have to. It would drive me crazy if I didn't.

I don't have a particular story about a spider. I really don't like them. I really don't like any insect for that matter. I admit it. I am a spider killer. I am an insect assassin. No scooping them up and gently carrying them outside. Squish. Splat. It's over. I wasn't always like that. As a child, I would cry real tears every time my parents swatted a fly. Guess I got that out of my system early.

I created this altered art for today's topic. If you could shine a spotlight on my heart right now, you might see something very similar. Unfortunately, I am in a dark place but have been surviving with the help of a few special friends. You know who you are.

Through my experiences of late, I have learned a few things:

1.  For once, it is okay to put myself first. Such a strange concept for me.

2.  Life is too short to be compromised.

3.  You can't drown the spider in your heart with wine. That sucker can swim!

Want to read all the other writer's creepy stories about spiders? Sure you do! They are all listed on the host page at We Work For Cheese. Just go HERE to find a link to all the participants' entries! 

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