Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Don't Melt Under Pressure!

I was behind the wheel and under pressure to catch up with my writing assignments. The Avett Brothers were on the radio and I mean they were literally on my radio. They played my song, "Laundry Room", but then suddenly stopped because there was a roadblock. The road was closed due to a giant cheese dip in the road.  Thankfully, a big grater came to the rescue.

See, I told you I would catch up!

What is all this nonsense about? Oh, it's the 30 Days of Writing contest sponsored by Nicky and Mike at We Work For Cheese. Since I Work For Wine, Nicky and Mike are good friends to have! Now if I could just find I Work For Hot Crusty Loaves Of French Bread, I would be in good shape. Stop reading my ramblings and go over HERE to read the other writers. They are the talented ones. 

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