Saturday, October 6, 2012

30 Days of Photography III...Day 6...Vibration

This is Pate. He is one of our Zapp Hall kids. We have had the opportunity to watch him grow up in the fields of Zapp. As a young boy, he was our favorite waiter who would walk many miles to take care of our needs. Pate always hid out in our tent and we have had endless hours of fun conversations. During slow times, he would organize the younger Zapp Hall kids in elaborate games of hide and seek. Kids would suddenly appear in the weirdest places. Sadly this year, Pate came in on crutches as a result of a football injury. What? Our Pate is in secondary school? No more hide and seek? No more running away from those cute girls in petticoats? Alas, Pate has grown up into a very special young man who is now old enough to ring the tip bell at the bar.

And with those sweet vibrations, I'm back out to the Zapp fields to see this bright smile.

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