Monday, October 1, 2012

30 Days of Photography III...Day One

When Ziva asked if we were ready to participate in another Photo Noncompetion, I jumped at the chance. I should have jumped right off a cliff. Look at my blog...I haven't even had time to erase the participants for 30 Days of Photography II.

Then she asked what is the best month to start the noncontest and I chirp in with October because it is the best month of the year. Well, it is the best month of the year and now I can't enjoy it. Plus I am going to be travelling like a gypsy for half of the month of October. I hope I didn't offend any gypsy, but you guys are famous for travelling. I'm one of you. I have a gypsy soul. I just wish I had a gypsy wagon. 

I will be involved in two large antique shows which are both located in the wide, open plains of Texas. In other words, no internet access. But I'm gonna try my damndest.  

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